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From €799 7 nights
7 Days of fun, action and Adventure! This is the perfect trip for all who are looking for fun, kitesurfing at the best spots in Portugal and discover a lot of new places in a "adventure" mode with new local friends on a 7 days road-trip!
Kitesurf conditions

Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Spot: Shallow, Flat, Small waves, Big waves

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In Portugal, the dominant wind is “Nortada”, meaning „strong north wind“. So, don’t forget your smaller kites.. During the trip we will visit many different spots – from flatwater lagoons to serious waves. Of course we'll adjust the spots to your wishes (as far as possible).

Trip characteristics

Accommodation: Campervan

Typical Pickup: Porto Airport, Portugal

Suitable for: Solo traveler, Family, Non-rider

English Portuguese

Ambience: Relaxed, Lively Bars

Experience Type: Collective

Up to 8 guests

The Destination

Portugal has a unique coast. From big sand beaches to small fisherman villages, there is a lot to discover! Also one of the best cuisine and wine in the world. Here you will find very friendly people, who loves to welcome freight visitors. In a short period of time you will make true friends! We are a young and passion-ed team, devoted to water and mountain sports. You may came here to do kite-surf but you can easily find yourself experience other sports like paraglide... if you want! About the best kite spots Portugal has to offer, some of them are located in small villages with few options to for accommodation (unless you book with long advance time). Since we (kite-surfers) are always depending on wind and meteorological forecast, we need an alternative solution to allow us flexibility. In our opinion, the motor-home is the best solution combining comfort and flexibility. We can be in the right place at the right time for the kite-surf day, and also have all the comfort of a home! And nothing beats the possibility of staying near the water in close contact with nature! Also this way is easy to perform some downwind along the coast! So, please join us is this adventure!

The Experience

We will pick you in the international airport of Porto and the journey starts. From the North towards the South. In the end we will return to Esposende, a nice small city close to Porto. We have a guest house there (one of the places you probably will see during the kitetrip) - and if you want you can stay there after or before the journey some more days at a very low price.

In the company of our team, the goal is to kite only on the best spots along the extensive Portuguese coastline. You will always be where the best conditions are. With the experience of our team regarding weather forecast and the knowledge about when the spots work best, we assure you that you will be at the right places at the right time.

From the beach of Moledo in the north of Portugal to the beach of Alvor in the south, you will visit many places with perfect waves, as well as lagoons with flat water. And you'll also have the possibility to do 3 different downwinders of 10 to 20 km each!

By night, in the company of our team, you will enjoy the famous Portuguese cuisine and discover many great places to hang out or party. After all you are on vacation with us!


There is one fixed schedule per month (except July & August) which takes place for sure - even in case of only one guest. Other dates are possible as well on request for small groups.


You will be hosted in a fully equipped motor-home with single and twin beads and your own closet for the staying. It's like staying in a hostel... with wheels! Imagine the possibility to have your place close to the beach enjoying a sunset barbecue at the end of a kite day!

Accommodation in a shared motorhome

incl. breakfast, all costs related to the trip (fuel, parking and highway taxes)

Walking distance to spot


Included services
Food: Breakfast
all transfers and fuel
spot guidance
24/7 general guidance
Porto airport pickup & drop-off
Optional services
Gear Rental
kite only rental - 7 days
full equipment rental - 7 days
Lessons & Coaching
kite lessons (twintip or strapless) - 1 hour
kite lessons (twintip or strapless) - 3 hours
kite lessons (twintip or strapless) - 10 hours


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19 May. 2016

The Trip was awesome!!! We liked it very much! Luckily we had the motorhome, otherwise we would not have Kited that much as the weather was not really promising… :-) Plus we saw a lot of Portugal, which we wouldn’t without the Motorhome. So all together it was just an amazing Trip!!!! We slept always on the most amazing spots and when you get up, it was only 2-5m to the sea. Also our Guide did an awesome job! We had a lot of fun with him and he knew always the best places to go, not just for kiting, also for eating good food or having a fun night out. 

20 May. 2016

I might seem over enthusiastic with my ratings, but they are well deserved. The motor home changes everything. If we would have stayed in Esposende during that week, we would have had rain, little wind and not much to do and see (we were very unlucky with the weather). Thanks to the motor home we saw a large part of Portugal, met plenty of great people on the way, and could kite on beautiful flat water lagoons in the sun. The guide was very professional and helpful. He always had a good plan in case there was no wind. I can absolutely recommend this trip to anyone that wants to get to know Portugal and improve his/her kiting skills by kiting in some of the best spots in the country.


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