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The Yucatan peninsula in Mexico has so much to offer; a state know for warm weather, great kiting, amazing food, culture, Mayan ruins and Cenotes
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The Gulf of Mexico is known for its warm water and while in the winter you may want a 3/2mm wetsuit, the spring and summer months provide warm temperatures that don't require a wetsuit at all. The main spot, el Playón has consistent thermal NE winds that blow between 12-25 knots and usually begins late in the afternoon and staying past sunset this spot is choppy. There is a sand bar close to shore and then it is shallow for 80-100m. When the water gets warmer there are sometimes stingrays, but our instructors will guide you how to enter and exit the water to avoid being stung! Between February and May we get wind that blows from southeast early in the morning, in which case we can go to la Ría de Chelem for butter flat water, shallow water. This spot is mainly for advanced riders, but beginner taking lessons and intermediate riders who also want to kite can pay extra to be taught in the offshore conditions by one of our Instructors and our boat captains who supervise and taxi you back up wind if needed. Just a little past the town of Chelem is the town of Chuburná, in this spot there is a breakwater, and on one side is choppy and the other side is flat with small, smooth chop. This spot has an amazing view with a big, open beach that is surrounded by mangroves

Trip characteristics
Typical Pickup: Yuckite - Escuela de kiteboarding - Kite School - Yucatan, Boulevard Turístico Yucalpetén (Calle 29) por 128, Colonia Nueva Yucalpeten, Progreso, Yucatan, Mexico
Suitable for: Solo traveler, Group, Couple, Non-rider
Ambience: Wilderness, Relaxed
Experience Type: Collective

The Destination

Our kite center is located directly on the beach and the kite house is located just across the street. Progreso is a quiet town, with very little night life. Since this is often a stop for cruise ships, there are plenty of great restaurants to visit and the local food is great. The center of town is 3km away, but it is easy to get there by taxi or Uber.

The Experience

Our Kite Center is located in a quiet neighborhood the town of Progreso. Mornings here are quiet and can be spent relaxing in a hammock on the beach or rent a SUP and go for a paddle, or take an uber to the town center and explore the markets. Progreso has many restaurants serving fresh seafood and local cuisine, but the town itself is pretty quiet, so don't expect to find many lively bars or clubs. On no wind day there are plenty of things to do such as:

  • Go on a tour to the cenotes
  • Go scuba diving in the cenotes
  • Visit Mayan Ruins
  • Sailing
  • Sailing on the hobbie cat
  • SUP tours
  • Wind SUP
IKO Kite Center

Kite lessons are taught by our IKO certified teachers in either Spanish or English, whether you are a total beginner, an intermediate rider learning to go up wind or an advanced rider looking to learn new tricks, our instructors can get you there!


The cenotes are natural fresh water sink holes in the jungle which you can scuba diving, swim or snorkel in. You can go on a tour that takes you to multiple cenotes and restaurants that serve traditional food.

Mayan Ruins

Yucatan is known as the crib of the Mayan culture; there are many Ruins, the most popular are Chichen Itza (known as one of the eight Wonders of the modern world), Uxmal and Ek Balam. You can take a tour of the Mayan Ruins, or go on a tour of both the Ruins and the cenotes.


Our kite house is just across the street from the our center and has 3 private bedrooms with a shared bathroom, kitchen and wifi


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  • Full Gear Rental
From $675 / 5 nights
Advanced Package
Kite House Room
  • All Standard included services
  • 3 hours of lessons
  • Full Gear Rental
From $600 / 5 nights
Independent Package
Kite House Room
  • All Standard included services
  • Full Gear Rental
From $525 / 5 nights
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