Amazing adventures in Brazil


The trade winds bring year round winds to the Moroccan coast which are accelerated by a thermal effect over the summer months. The strongest and most reliable winds come between April- September. Any time of year is a good time for a kitesurfing holiday in Morocco which offers a trip itinerary for every style of traveller and kiteboarder. Learn to kite or join a freestyle camp in the world famous Dakhla lagoon, stay in a beachfront riad in the ancient city of Essaouira and enjoy endless wave ...

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Amazing adventures in Morocco


The Caribbean is a unique and wonderful place where you can find wind almost anytime of the year because the islands stretch over such a large area. The season generally starts in November and goes through until July with the exception of Aruba and Venezuela who have wind the whole year! The Caribbean offers something for every style of rider- explore flat water, amazing waves, perfect beginner conditions or enjoy a little bit of everything on a kite cruise.

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Amazing adventures in Caribbean

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