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How reliable are the wind statistics and spot conditions?

The wind statistics are independently provided by the bSTOKED team. We try our best to get those data as reliable as possible - and take several wind models into account for this as well as hundreds of trip reports. Nevertheless those data are of course only estimations - and more important: they may change from year to year, depending e.g. on longscale weather effects (e.g. El Nino). So, please see these estimations only as what they are: estimations. Nobody can ever tell you for sure how the wind will be when you’re there. And please be aware that e.g. "50% windy days" may have different meanings: It could be that on this spot it’s usually windy 3-4 days a week - but it could mean as well that on this spot in one year you have wind all the time - whilst the year after there is no wind at all. And: A "windy day" is defined as a day with at least 3 hours of good wind during daytime for a kite of 14m max (based on a rider with 85 kg). 

The spot characteristics are provided by the local hosts. In case of questions about a specific spot, please contact your host.

Last update: 19 Jun. 2017
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