If adventure is what you are looking for on your next kiteboarding trip, then you are in the right place. Our kite safaris, tours and downwinder trips are the perfect way to see your destination whilst enjoying the best that the spots and local atmosphere have to offer. Let your imagination run wild and enjoy unique experiences with fellow travelling kiteboarders. Even the accommodation choices reflect the adventurous spirit of these experiences - drive across country and sleep in your own camper or camp out under the stars nomad-style in Oman. Go island hopping in The Philippines. If you haven't yet tried a downwinder, then it's a must; more than just a session, it's a real kite-powered journey in some of the world’s most stunning waters. And if the beach isn't enough, check out our snowkiting tours for a truly wild experience. Whatever you are looking for, keep on scrolling to find the cure for your itchy feet here. Excited? We are!


  • + Ride a variety of different spots and conditions
  • + Adventure, sightseeing and kiting, all in one trip
  • + Really get involved in the local scene
  • + Great for meeting like-minded adventurers


  • - Not ideal for families and non-kiters
  • - Less comfort

So much choice! How do I know which is the one for me?

There is a kite safari to suit everyone but to make it easier, here are a few things to consider;

Kitesurf ability

The keyword when it comes to kite tours and safaris is adventure, but this doesn’t mean that it’s only for the advanced riders amongst us. Even if you are just riding your first metres, have a look at the characteristics of each kitesurf safari to find one for your riding profile. More experienced riders should also check out the different conditions to make sure your tastes are catered for. Remember, kiteboard tours can often be modified depending on group preferences and level.

What do you want to get out of your trip?

Kitesurf tours are great for those looking for a collective experience and who want to share their adventures with other like-minded kiteboard enthusiasts. Tours can also be tailored for groups travelling together. Have a look at the different accommodation options available- for the more adventurous this could include camping out in tents every night or sleeping in remote cabins.

Who’s coming with you?

Kitesurf tours and safaris are very much focussed on the wind and water although some do offer other activities aside. Have a look at what’s on offer and consider a tailor-made safari if you are travelling with non-kiters.

Kitesurf tours at bstoked

Our kitesurf tours are hand-picked with you, the adventurous kiteboarder, in mind. We are passionate about everything that comes with a kitesurfing experience and are excited to share this with you in our selection of kitesurf tours, safaris and downwinders. On each listing you can find more information about what is included and what you can expect- from accommodation and meals through to ambience and experience type.

Scroll down to find out more about the kitesurf tours and safaris you can choose from and find the one that's right for you.