The perfect kitesurfing accommodation can turn a great holiday into a dream holiday-with lots of services available dedicated to kitesurfers and their gear as well as other kitesurfers to swap hints and tricks with, it can give us something to look forward to when we come out of the water. But with so much choice available to you beyond the classic twin hotel room, how do you know whether an accommodation is the right one for your kitesurf trip? From beach front apartments through to downtown surf hostels (and the odd rental campervan in between), the options may seem a little overwhelming. Fear not, we have put together a guide of things that you can ask yourself when searching for your next kiteboarding getaway, keep on scrolling to find out more.

Why do it yourself?

Booking accommodation-only is just one option when planning your next kitesurfing trip, is it the option for you? Here's what we think:


  • + More flexibility
  • + Best option for non-kiters
  • + Great prices for groups
  • + Possibility to be close to spots without a kite centre


  • - Less services and less comfort
  • - More research and trip planning
  • - Potentially higher prices (for on-the-spot gear rental and courses if needed)

What's your level? What conditions are you looking for?

It's true that there are some amazing kitesurf accommodations out there; but if you don't yet have the level to surf the spot then it can be a disappointing trip- check out the difficulty level of the spot and the conditions you might encounter when you get there. From some accommodations you can access various spots and conditions which is great for a bit of variety or for those looking to try different things on their trip and which brings us on to our next point...

Where exactly is it?

Not all spots can provide everything on your doorstep- kitesurfing is a sport in which you are surrounded by nature and the elements, meaning that, by nature, not all spots find themselves close to local services and amenities. Check out the location of your accommodation- some will be walking distance to the beach and some will be walking distance to the bars...some will be both, some will be neither. If your accommodation is close to the beach then have a look at the conditions at that spot to make sure you can really make the most out of it. If not, consider looking at public transport options and/or hire cars in order to get around.

What kite-specific services are on offer?

After a long day soaking up the wind and waves, the last thing we want to worry about is finding space for our equipment. If you are taking your own gear, check whether your room has space to fit kites, boards, harnesses etc (and whether it's allowed!). If you are staying in a house or apartment, this normally isn''t a problem. If you are going for shared dorm in a hostel, however, it is worth finding out if the accommodation has a safe place for your equipment when you are not using it. The same goes for wetsuits-is there space for you to wash and/or hang your wetsuit? In colder climes, accommodations may also provide heated drying rooms to make sure your wetsuit is toasty for the next day's session. Some beach front accommodations will also offer space for you to safely set up and put down your equipment so you don't have to expose your kites to sand and stones and so that they definitely get packed away clean on the last day.

Who's in charge?

Hotels run by kiters for kiters often have good links and can impart advice on rental centres, schools and local repair centres. They will also have a wealth of knowledge of the spot-conditions, forecasts and what to expect. These accommodations are also more likely to be frequented by other kiters and offer great opportunities to meet new surfing buddies.

And finally...what else do you want from your chosen accommodation?

At the end of the day, what you envisage yourself doing can help you make a better decision concerning where you sleep, eat and relax. An accommodation's ambience and experience type show whether it could be more suitable for surfers looking to meet new people and party the night away or for surfers looking forward to ending the day relaxing with friends and family. Oh, and don't forget the food! Self catered takes a little more organisation but offers complete culinary flexibility whilst catered accommodations can offer anything from luxury all-inclusive to just your pre-kite breakfast.

We hope that our accommodation guide has helped to steer you through the exciting world of choosing your next kitesurfing accommodation. If you have any further questions then don't hesitate to get in touch with us. See you on the water :)

Kite accommodations at bstoked

Our accommodations are picked with you, the kitesurfer in mind and so many include spot guidance from locals to make sure you make the most of your time on the water. Some accommodations can also arrange lessons and coaching as well as other activities for non-kiters such as yoga, stand up paddling and horse riding, amongst others. Extra services such as airport transfer, equipment hire and storage are also available.