The journey of every kitesurf beginner starts with a single step and your first steps into the world of kitesurfing can leave impressions that last a lifetime. What's that I hear you say? Where do you begin? Keep on reading to find our guide on how to choose your first-time kiteboarding experience-we have spots and guidance for absolutely every beginner, so even if your only experience involves being inspired by watching other kitesurfers, you've found the right place. Join the world of this beautiful sport with 100% security and surrounded by enthusiastic instructors and like-minded learners; just remember, we all started somewhere- see you on the water :)

Where in the world should I learn kitesurfing?

There are options all over the world for beginner kitesurf travel, to start with you can look out for the beginner symbol on any bstoked listing: all of these locations, experiences and accommodations are learner friendly- hooray! But with so much great choice and so many amazing spots, how do you actually manage to make a decision?

Let's start with the basics- when do you want to go? Some spots are windy all year round whilst others have a windy season with the best wind probability- you can take a look at our destination map to find out where the wind is when you want to go.

Now you've got an idea of your beginner location, take a look at the local conditions; flat water conditions are the easiest to learn with but a little bit of chop or small waves can add an extra dimension to your experience. And of course, if you are dreaming of kiting in a bikini then make sure you look for water temperatures of 22 Celsius and above...schools will generally offer wetsuits if you need them, though!

Next question, what do you want to do when you're not kiting? Do you look forward to spending the evenings at beach bars and parties with other kitesurfers? Or maybe you fancy a stroll around quiet villages with some good food in a local restaurant- many spots have their own special quirks which can really make for a memorable trip. Read up on some local reviews or check out our ambience guide to find the places that best fit your profile.

Get that holiday feeling.

No matter what your level, there is no one-size-fits-all kiteboard trip; kitesurf experiences vary according to location and learner profile- but don't worry, there's something for everyone out there!

Kiteboard camps and cruises-let the professionals take the strain.

For those of you looking for an organised kiteboard experience where all you need to do is turn up and enjoy the ride, an all-inclusive kite camp is perfect. These camps include accommodation as well as lessons and sometimes even additional activities to boot. They are also a great opportunity to meet like-minded new people so are perfect for solo travellers. For a bit more exclusivity but with still with none of the hassle, kite cruises offer the opportunity to learn to kiteboard from a luxury yacht or catamaran whilst enjoying spectacular scenery and exploring different beaches and areas. With both of these options you can also consider whether you prefer a collective experience with lots of opportunities to meet new people or a private experience with a bit more space for you or you group.

If you prefer to be a bit more flexible in terms of organising your holiday, you can also book your course and accommodation separately- check out our accommodation guide to help you find the right place to stay for you.

Finding the right kitesurf school for you.

Choosing the right kite school is also fundamental- again, we have a few helpful pointers to help you tell different schools apart.

Licenses and qualifications: A good starting point is to look at the school's licenses; IKO (International Kiteboarding Organization) And VDWS (Association of German Watersports Schools) are two popular providers of instructor courses and licenses. Some countries also have their own federations that control lesson quality and safety. Group sizes: Most schools offer private courses (1 person), semi-private (2 people) or group courses (3-4 people). Ideally no more than 4 people should be in one group, so that students can make the most out of their experience. Do some market research: If one school is offering prices way below the local average, it may well be too good to be true- offering poor value for money in terms of equipment quality or insurance for example.

If you are not sure about schools at your spot, you can check out our course listings to see our chosen schools that match the above points to make your first metres on the water the best and safest that they can be. Have fun! :)

Kitesurf beginner experiences at bstoked

With all of the afore mentioned kiteboard camps and cruises, take a look at each listing to see what experience type you prefer- collective experiences are great for solo travellers looking to meet new people whilst private experiences suit families or groups looking forward to spending time together.

Kitesurf Spots