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  • From: Roznov pod Radhostem, Czech Republic
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I am kiteboarder / snowkiter with many years of experience. During the winter I providing the clients in the Norway.

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Kiteseason s.r.o.



04 Mar. 2019

Awesome trip for never having been skiing or snowboarding... I only know how to kite it’s quite a difference on snow... loved it despite collecting the first two days some bruises and having a long walk back to the car :-) we had a day where we could have navigated an IKEA bag and days without wind, the group was fab also all where from Czech, nonetheless got adopted quickly. I surely will return ... thanks to Michael and Maria for all the tips and support.

02 Apr. 2019

My experience was great, people were nice, the service was good, the meal excellent,my instructor Taught me to snowkite within 30 minutes and then he filmed me. The only thing that disappointed me was the weather, but that s unpredictible. The hosts have done their best to make me cach my flight back home , even though the snowstorm was extreme on the road to the trainstation.

01 Mar. 2020

The hosts were railly nice and did accommodate us very well. They anticipated well to the conditions which might vary a lot. The provided materials were of good quality and the range of available kites allow for riding at almost every wind speed. Snowkiting at the hardangervidda is an experience like nothing else.


$1817 (7 nights from)