Kite camps are a great option to take the stress out of organising your next kitesurfing trip. Not just for beginners, kitesurf camps have something for absolutely everyone; even those looking to ride waves or learn to foil are catered for. Choose the accommodation that suits your profile- all-inclusive luxury resort or surf house? Solo traveller or family? Camps for kiteboarders are often a great way of having a home base while being able to enjoy other activities or spots in the local area, making sure that kiters and non-kiters alike have the holiday of a lifetime.


  • + Comfort: Leave the organisational hassle to the pros
  • + All needed kitesurf services and nice extras
  • + Improve your riding-whatever your level
  • + Great also for families or non-kiters


  • - Limited to local spots and conditions
  • - Less flexible if you want to travel around

Sounds great! But which one is right for you?

There is a kite camp to suit everyone but to make it easier, here are a few things to consider;

Kitesurf ability

What’s your level? What are you looking for? Kitesurf camps are not just for beginners-whatever your level and whatever your next step, a kiteboard camp can offer you the support and instruction to get you there. Beginners and intermediate riders who are looking to improve their technique or hold height more consistently are well catered for, as are those looking to make their first jumps, ride waves or learn to foil. Each camp also has a description of local conditions so you can match this to your level.

What type of experience are you looking for?

Kite camps can be a great way to meet people and if you are a solo traveller, a collective experience based around group lessons and clinics is perfect. Girls can take a look at girls-only camps whilst those hoping to get more out of their holiday than just kiting can often enjoy other activities such as yoga and surfing as part of the package. For a more private experience, camps can be arranged around individuals and small groups to provide more one on one attention. Either way, a kite camp means that everything is organised for you-letting you make the most of your time on the water.

Kitesurf Camps at bstoked

We have a great variety of kitesurf camps to suit all levels and kitesurfers with many of our camps being located in beautiful surroundings and having plenty of activities for non-kiters and families. Check out the trip characteristics of each camp to find activities that fit your group profile- camp organisers can also sometimes help you to find and arrange activities for everyone in the group.

Our camp listings also show what's included in terms of courses and accommodation as well as the type of ambience and experience that you can expect. Of course, if you have any questions relating to any kitesurf camp or other experience, please don't hesitate to get in touch!

Scroll down to find out more about the kitesurf camps you can choose from and find the one that's right for you.