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Discover kite paradise in Paje, Zanzibar. Our kitesurf Hotel, located 100m from the beach, has a world-class kite spot and is fully equipped to make your kitesurf holiday success. The spot is suitable for every level, beginner to advanced kiter. Are you looking for an active holiday in paradise?!
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The kite surfing conditions on Zanzibar are suitable for all levels. From beginners to hardcore kitesurf experts. The best kite months are January to mid-February, June and July, when the El Nino and El Nina blow through the surf village of Paje. Often you have a minimum of 12 knots which increases in the afternoon to 16 knots with high tide. The water temperature is above 24 degrees, all year round so you can definitely leave your wetsuit at home! Zanzibar also has more beautiful kite surfing spots that are waiting and being discovered. Downwinders along the reef, where we kite along with dolphins. Wave kiting on the best waves in Zanzibar and trick clinics in beautiful lagoons and the most beautiful palm beaches around the island of Zanzibar. Discover the surprises of the kite surfing island of Zanzibar. With low-tide, you will find a beautiful lagoon excellent for flat water freestyle action in front of our guesthouse, but certainly also perfect for enthusiastic kitesurf beginners. Zanzibar is surrounded by smaller islands, especially on the south side of the island. The Blue Safari is a beautiful trip and experience of Zanzibar. You sail to a beautiful sandbar with a local boat through a dolphin-rich area. The perfect kite surfing spot!

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The Destination

Zanzibar offers many options. As a kitesurfer you can make downwinders or improve yourself during the trick-clincs. Do you want to make a lot of kitesurf progression, test kites or take a ride on a waveboard during your kitesurf vacation? It is possible! Play in the waves of Zanzibar or enjoy a sunset on your own sup board. There are also many other activities that you can do during your trip. If you like you can also go on a safari on the mainland, book a Spice Tour, discover the local maia-culture, snorkeling, or enjoy a good party with friends. You can also do day trips during your kite surfing holiday, such as: Blue Safari and Dolphin Tour, these can be booked on site.

The Experience

Discover the kite surfing paradise in Paje, Zanzibar. Not only does the name sound good, but it is really good too! Our kitesurf Hotel in Zanzibar is a world-class kite spot. The kite spot is suitable for every level, from beginner to advanced kite surfer. Our kitesurf Hotel, which has opened its doors since December 2015, has been fully equipped to make your kitesurf holiday in Zanzibar one big success. Are you looking for an active kite surfing holiday on a dazzlingly beautiful kite island in the Indian Ocean? Travel with us to beautiful Zanzibar and taste the African atmosphere. Our experienced kitesurf coaches and instructors know everything about Zanzibar and make your kitesurf holiday guaranteed to be a success!


We also offers you personal or group coaching. Do you want to learn your all-time tricks, ride for the first time on a waveboard in waves, kitesurf for the first time on a foil. It's all possible in Zanzibar.


We have our own established guesthouse in Zanzibar. You will stay in our own Kitesurf Hotel together with other kitesurfers and our professional instructors during your kitesurf holiday. The guesthouse in Zanzibar has one of the best and unique location on the beach and has spacious rooms with single and double beds including mosquito nets. If you choose to only spend the night in a room, you can indicate this when booking. (NOTE: there are extra costs involved). If you do not do this, you may be sleeping in one of the other guests rooms.

Each room has its own shower and toilet. There are a number of common areas and terraces where you can chill out extensively. Our local chef Fatuma makes sure you don't have to worry about anything and prepare a delicious dinner every evening!

The location of the Guesthouse in Zanzibar is ideal. Near the kite center, kite surfing beach, supermarket, restaurants and a cozy beach bar!

Every evening the instructors organize a great group activity (e.g., dinner/ party/ sunset session/ etc..). If you'd like you can always join the activity or decide whatever you like to do.


We offer several options for accommodation. You have the option to book your own private room with a double bed in or you can choose to stay in our shared rooms. Every room will be cleaned daily. Please make sure to mention when you book if you wish to stay in a private room (please note; there are costs attached to this option). Each room has its own shower and toilet. There are a number of common areas and terraces where you can chill and relax. Our local chef Fatuma makes sure you don't have to worry about anything and prepare a delicious dinner every evening!
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Your Host: Felix

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Felix is your host for this experience and will provide you with all the information needed.

In 2005 my kite adventure started at Workum, after a kite lesson with friends I was addicted. As soon as I saw the leaves on the trees move everything went aside and I had to go straight to the water. I learned my first tricks at my home spot De Lemmer. After training a winter in Brazil with friends in 2009, I visited several European kite tours with good results and the national events here in the Netherlands were also always fun! Traveling, kiting and teaching are my three passiones in life and I am happy that I can turn my passion into my work. I have been teaching kite lessons since 2012 at various locations around the world! Now that I have finished my High Hotel School training, I am ready to make your KiteActive holiday a legendary success!
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