Brazil- a true kiteboarding paradise. Kite everyday in some of the world’s best waves and various flat water lagoons with a crew of like-minded kiters and travellers. Explore world famous spots and see lots of pro-riders training new tricks. In this guide you will find out the best time to go, where to stay, where is best for learning, amazing kite camps to try and more!


Skill: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Wind: Moderate, Strong
Spot conditions: Shallow, Flat, Small waves, Big waves, Choppy
Suitable for: Family, Solo traveler, Group, Couple
Ambience: Wilderness, Relaxed, Lively Bars, Parties & Clubs

Pros and Cons

+ Amazing variety of flat water and wave spots
+ Strong, reliable winds
+ No wetsuit needed
- Not many other activities
- Can be expensive in peak season

What you need to know about kiteboarding in Brazil

Brazil has a HUGE variety of spots to choose from with the option of butter flat water or waves. You can even kite from spot to spot on amazing downwinders along the coast. The North-West part of Brazil known as "kite-heaven": During the season from July to January, daily wind is almost guaranteed at the right spots! In the region around Fortaleza, it's usually 15 to 30 knots - further north it gets stronger (up to 40 knots!), further south it gets lighter. The weather is hot and sunny and the water is warm, meaning no wetsuit is needed but be sure to have some sun protection.

Kite Camps in Brazil

Enjoy Brazil to the max on a kite camp run by local kiters. Beginners and advanced camps are available. Beginner camps will be held in one of the many flat water lagoons for safety, comfort and maximum progression. Freestyle camps are also held in the lagoons, perfect for progressing. Wave and downwinder camps will be held along the coast where you will be escorted by an instructor and a buggy on the beach.

Kite Tours in Brazil

Rent a buggy and a driver to take you to some of the best “off the beaten track” kite spots with less on people and amazing wind. Explore Barra Nova, Parajuru, Macau, Galinhos, Sao Miguel do Gostoso or Tibau do Sul just to name a few. Daily downwinder tours are also available. Downwinders can starts a low as Barra Nova and end as far as Jericoacoara or Cumbuco which is almost 600km long! Experience breathtaking nature as you kite along the coast and opt out anytime with a beach buggy following along side.

Accommodations in Brazil

You will find nice hotels and kite villages all along the coast though staying in a pousada (a typical Brazilian guest house) which often offers local cuisine as well. Additional beachfront accommodations can be found all along the coast including hostels and beach houses. Whether you are along, a couple or a group there is suitable accommodation options for you.

Brazil for Beginners

Though the wind is quite strong, Brazil is still a suitable destination to learn kiteboarding. There are various shallow spots along the coast with flat water/small chop and amazing flat water lagoons perfect for learning. Beginner lessons are available in Taiba, Cumbuco, Jericoacoara, Barra Nova and more.

What makes Brazil so Perfect

The variety of spots, conditions and amazing wind make Brazil the perfect kiteboarding destination. Find butter flat conditions in the many lagoons, fun waves with powerful wind and an amazing community of kiteboarders and friendly locals. You can leave your big kites at home because the wind is strong in Brazil. The further west you go the stronger the wind becomes. The wind is lighter and less consistent in the south.

Infrastructure in Brazil

Most kite spots in Brazil are in small, secluded fishing villages. The towns are small you are able to find supermarkets, restaurants and local BBQ stands as a cheaper dining option.

Getting Around

In general, transportation in Brazil is good. Public buses are cheap and easy. Taxis are also readily available. Renting a 4x4 is the recommended option for transportation as you can travel from spot to spot as well as use the car for downwinder support and transport over the sand to the lagoons.

Some schools and pousadas offer buggy transport to and from the lagoons depending on where you are.

Travel, Nightlife and Other Activities

Brazil is the perfect place to wind down, enjoy nature and kiteboard everyday! Other activities include sandboarding, yoga, SUP, buggy tours, mountain tours, surfing or relaxing on the beach. If you are looking for a party, Jericoacoara is the place to be!

Kitesurf Spots