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"Fusion of kitesurfing & sailing with life on-board a catamaran is the best option of spending your holiday, by far!" Sailing the amazing coastline and islands with a luxurious catamaran is the ultimate cruise experience. Now, imagine combining it with kiteboarding. Can it get any better?
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Good wind conditions: The NW wind blows during the summer. It usually starts between 10 and 11 a.m. then reaches its greatest strength between 2 and 3 p.m., and blows right until sunset. The kiteboarding spots in general go from totally flat to medium choppy, as there are almost no bigger wave spots. Wind expectancy is between 15 and 20 knots and only rarely 30 knots.

Trip characteristics
Typical Pickup: Split, Croatia
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Suitable for: Solo traveler, Group, Family, Couple, Non-rider
Ambience: Relaxed, Lively Bars
Experience Type: Collective, Private
Food: Full board
Available Options: Vegetarian, Vegan, Special diets

The Destination

With pleasant summer winds and over 1500 coves, bays and ports on the islands the Croatian Adriatic is one of the best place for a kitesurfing and sailing holiday. Various civilizations and cultures that had influenced Croatia over the centuries have left their legacy and contributed to a rich and diverse culture. You will be amazed to find such historical, beautiful and in so many ways perfect holiday destination in such a small country besides an average of 2,600 hours of sunlight yearly, it is one of the sunniest coastlines in Europe. Croatia is the perfect kite cruise destination for people who's idea of vacation revolves around kiteboarding but wants to experience more. In the afternoon we would pick a spot for kiteboarding while non-kiteboarders would explore the island or relax on the boat. The wind window between 2 and 7 pm leaves us plenty of time for sightseeing, snorkeling, sunbathing and cruising to the new destinations. The villages are best visited after dinner when the lights go out, bars get crowded and people gather. On no-wind days we can organize four-wheeler trips across the islands, scuba diving, hiking, different guided tours, skydiving and more. It is one of those trips where even mothers can get some quality and stress-free time. We invite you to join us on a kite-boarding and sailing cruise that is also full of delicious cuisine, good wine and, above all, warm and friendly people.

The Experience

As the specialist in kiteboarding and sailing we make the most out of your vacation. The concept is simple - as all great things in life are. Kite and sail, stand up paddle, perhaps wakeboard and snorkel. Dance and chill in the evenings, sunbathe and relax in the mornings, enjoying local cuisine... All this and more while living on-board a catamaran for one week.

The kite cruise is available for individuals, couples or small groups, where you share a boat - or you can cruise with your own group or family. We offer all inclusive packages to provide you with relaxed and hassle free kite trip.

Virgin kite spots are waiting for you to discover them and you can do it anchored or under sails. During your kite session you are escorted by catamaran and safety boat, which gives you all the freedom while maximizing your safety. You can get crazy during strong afternoon winds then relax till dinner and get crazy again in the evening. Quite possibly, this might be the vacation of your lifetime!

Our Itinerary consist of following the best wind conditions and visiting all the best kite spots. On this route or close proximity we can include visiting the hidden, build inside a rock Monastery that was used to explore the stars, visiting the Hvar village with castle and night life, visiting Marco Polo birth city of Korcula, dinghy ride inside the Blue Cave on Bisevo Island, visiting Diocletian Palace in Split, one of the most imposing Roman ruins, visiting the famous village of Bol on Brac Island or even visit the Ancient City Walls of Dubrovnik. If preferred we can go completely off grid and enjoy quiet and clean water bays.

As one of our guest said: "Catching the wind determined our route and every single place we visited on this route was just magical."


We have reached the unreachable locations and we love them! Times of crowded places are over, now you can have a private sessions with your friends on top kite locations.

Ideally laid out islands: The 66 islands, 652 islets, 389 rocks and 78 reefs are separated by no more than 10 nautical miles – making the Croatian Adriatic ideal for kiteboarding and sailing cruises.

The Adriatic sea water is clean and warm. It comes in many colors from green to blue. Waters are safe from sharks and whales. You might get lucky and see a dolphin sometimes.

All the spots and other activities are presented and discuses daily usually over dinner so you can get the most out of your vacation.

  • Beginners: Beginners can take kiteboarding lessons if interested. Individual or group lessons are possible, so everybody can make the most out of this kite vacation.

  • Intermediate: We provide you with kite spot information and tips, making your experience safe and enjoyable. With catamaran and safety boat surveillance you will improve faster and with ease.

  • Advanced: Advanced riders can experience the challenge and fun of boat launching as well as exploring all the best spots in the cruising area. Your downwind quests between the islands with catamaran escort are possible!

Other Activities

Non-kiteboarders are very welcome to join the cruise. Exploring the islands and culture, relaxing aboard the catamaran, your private paradise beaches and other activities. A dream vacation! See itinerary for more activity options.

Itinerary starting from Split, Croatia
  • Saturday - Day 1 / Lovrecina Bay - Brac Island: The lovely deep cove of Lovrecina with it's spacious sandy beach stretching 100 meters into the sea has been a popular holiday resort since time immemorial. Or Milna - Brac Island: Milna was based in XVI century and is famous for its marvelous bay, in which the ships of the emperor Diocletian have found a secure harbor during the times of building his palace in Split.

  • Sunday - Day 2 / Bol - Brac Island: This little town was founded long ago and became an extraordinary tourist oasis because of the wide gravel and sandy beaches which expand over 10 km and its own sources of drinking water. Or Blaca Bay - Brac Island: Blaca carries a great heritage value. The monastery surprises its visitors in this desert wilderness and harmony delights of its original architecture.

  • Monday - Day 3 / Hvar - Hvar Island: Hvar is the queen of the Croatian Dalmatian islands. It has been famous since the antique for its important strategic and nautical position. Lately, it's rich nightlife is making it the place to be, visited by celebrities from around the world. Or Stari Grad - Hvar Island: Stari Grad, which translates to Old Town, was a safe harbor to sailors, who have been welcomed by town inhabitants on the harbor promenade. Stari Grad bay is still regular visited by most of the yachts passing trough middle Dalmatia.

  • Tuesday - Day 4 / Korcula - Korcula Island: Korcula was a favorite Greek holiday spot over 2,000 years ago. Korcula town is a mini-fortress enclosed with honey-colored stone walls that contain hidden treasures, from icons to Tiepolos, as well as architectural delights in every narrow, cobbled street. Or Pržina Bay - Korcula Island: This is a very popular sandy beach, filled with tourists and locals. It gets very crowded in summer - no problem for us on our own floating beach.

  • Wednesday - Day 5 / Neretva: Kite beach Neretva is placed at the delta of the river Neretva to the Adriatic Sea. Constant NW wind, 5 bofor, sandy beach and shallow water make it a perfect kitesurfing location, especially for beginners. Or Trpanj - Pelješac Penincula: Trpanj is a sea resort situated in the North West side of Peljesac peninsula


A typical kite cruise Croatia day
  • 8 – 11 it's time to wake up to a nicely served breakfast and dive into crystal clear water. Fresh fruit, bread and coffee is already on board. And the beach is all around you.
  • 9 – 12 time for a swim and a sunbath if anchored in a bay or coffee time on a picturesque square. Talk about what really happened last night, plan your next trick...
  • 10 - 13 time to set sails and get our equipment ready for a kite session. On the way a quick stop in a small cove or just jump to the water in the open to cool our heads.
  • 12 - 14 after exquisite lunch prepared by professional chef, we've already reached our perfect kitesurf location. It is time for some action. While non-kiters enjoy leisure time on catamaran's ample deck space for sunbathing, the swim around, snorkel, and standup paddling, taking pics and videos of friends, the kitesurfers pass by to grab a cold beer. 19 - 21 Time to set sails towards our next destination. It is still very warm at these hours, you'll enjoy the view from your private restaurant - and an after dinner cocktail watching the sun setting from the upper deck or the trampoline while we reach one of the many vivid old towns on the islands. 21- 22 - 08 it's time for drinks and party time in town or watching drone footage of your sessions on board. (Daily routine is for guidance only and is suited to guests' preferences. All activities will be planned in agreement with the guests.)
Why us.
  • location: We can reach the best and otherwise unreachable kite spots where you can enjoy private kite sessions with your friends - without leaving the comfort of the kite cruise catamaran. Whether you're looking for a quiet evening or anything but quiet - we know exactly where to g
  • know-how: We know how to launch and grab safely from a yacht while anchored or while moving. Additional staff member is present on every step of the way - from kite launch until you are onboard and equipment is secured.
  • weather: We understand the weather in relation to terrain diversity which is fundamental to provide good kite conditions and safety.
  • local people: We know the people which means you will have the best treat there is and - most importantly - no matter what happens, from kite repairs to health issues, we will fix it.
  • service: We offer you full service throughout the kite cruise. Once you reach the marina you can enjoy the ride and we'll take care of a stress free kite and sail holiday.


“Fusion of kitesurfing & sailing with life aboard a five star all inclusive hotel on water.” Lagoon catamarans, from 40ft (12m) to 50ft (15m) are perfect for kite trips. Spacious enough to store all the kite and surf equipment without interfering in the living space. Because of two hulls they are more stable and with smaller draft we can reach shallow waters. These five star catamarans have 4 spacious and luminous double en suite guest cabins with bathrooms and 2 small single crew cabins. The main saloon has a navigational corner and living room space connected to fully equipped kitchen. Top, Front and Back decks give extra space for sunbathing and socialising. The living space is super comfortable – no wonder catamarans are referred to as “houses on water”.
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