Dakhla is known as the wind paradise on earth with over 300 days of wind per year. Wind normally blows from the north, this means side on shore on the Dragon Beach. Sometimes the wind blows from the northeast which ends up being onshore to the Dragon Beach. The wind gives the spot a completely new perspective as long rides from the Dragon Island till the end of the lagoon can be done.

Dakhla is a small city in Western Saharan teritorry, 1500km south from Casablanca, Morrocco, situated at the gold peninsula on the Atlantic Coast. It has several things to offer as the local market where you find fresh fruit and vegetables with a nice ambience where marketers sell their goods for a good price! Don't forget to eat one of the famous Kebab of Camel in town.

Dakhla peninsula is a fantastic combination of the desert sand with an ocean refresh that provides the most breathtaking spots you can think of. Nature has been playing a lot on this area, giving us very good places to explore and enjoy the wildlife that surrounds it, like the pink flamingos, the typical one claw crabs, the dolphins, etc.

The White Dune, “Dune Blanche” or “Duna Blanca” is the most famous attraction to visit in Dakhla peninsula. This is a very big dune of pure white sand that goes into the lagoon and creates its very own small lagoon inside. Here you can take very nice pictures, roll down the dune and do kitesurfing stunts around the dune. Either you go by boat or 4×4, on the way back you can also go to the oyster farm and taste the famous Dakhla Oysters along with some wine.

Kitesurf Spots