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Hey Soul Kitesurfers! Do you want to kite in the most beautiful spot in Portugal? Óbidos Lagoon is a part of Portugal that is wildy stunning and stunningly wild. Fill your trip not only with kitesurfing and action, but discover local Portuguese culture only an hour's drive from Lisbon.
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Óbidos Lagoon's main season for kiting is March to September. Typically in this season we get the Nortada, which is wind that blows from the North West, coming in from the Atlantic and funnelling straight into the lagoon. The average wind speeds are (but not limited to) 12 - 20 knots, making it ideal for beginners to start learning and improve their technique. There are two locations in the lagoon that we kite from; the beach spot, and the inside spot. The beach spot is located near the mouth of the lagoon, which sometimes presents a stronger current the closer to the mouth you are depending on the tide, but is sandy and has plenty of shallow spots for beginners to stand. There is also plenty of space on the wide beach to launch and land safely. Because of sandbanks, there is not enough water during extreme low tides to ride here. The inside spot is about 2km from the coast, and has a wide body of water. There is a gradual range of shallow to deep water, so it's suitable for all levels of kiters. Occasionally the wind here is stronger than at the beach because of a Venturi plus thermal effect. There is less beach space for landing and launching, and the floor is made up of pebbles and shells, so booties are recommended for learners. This spot is kiteable at all tides and the water is warmer than in the ocean! Generally larger kites are used, depending on weight and level, from 9m to 14m. A 4/3mm full length wetsuit is advised, and 3mm during June/ July/August/September.

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The Destination

Óbidos Lagoon is a natural haven of calm and tranquility. We are located in a small village surrounded by pine and eucalyptus forest, adjacent to a dramatic and empty coastline with kilometres of long sandy beaches. The village consists mainly of private houses and holiday homes. There are only three restaurant/cafes, and one minimarket. Any other amenities, bars, towns, or nightlife, are a 20min drive away. Expect a slow pace of life here, and appreciate the stunning views surrounding you. Óbidos Lagoon is the largest saltwater lagoon in Portugal, and the beach draws many local Portuguese tourists on weekends, and summer holidays. ***During the peak months of mid-June to mid-September, kitesurfing is prohibited at the beach spot, so all kiters must go to the inside spot.*** Some famous spots you should check out nearby are the medieval town of Óbidos for a cultural fix to see the old village, Peniche for a surf town vibes, nightlife, and try out surf lessons at a world-renowned spot, and Nazaré to see the fishing culture and also the home of the big waves. The big draw is that it's so accessible from Lisbon (only 1 hour's drive) and you are in another world from it. You will be able to experience local Portuguese cuisine that prides itself on keeping flavours simple, but not without mandatory garlic and olive oil in all the dishes. Fresh seafood as you can imagine, is abundant.

The Experience

Are you looking for a small business vibe and local knowledge? We are here for you! Our small team will welcome you with our bright personalities, and you will come as a customer and leave as a friend. We offer you a high quality kitesurf experience, whether you are looking for lessons or rentals. Our highly experienced and professional instructors will not leave any gaps in your knowledge uncovered.

For beginners, you can take a full course and learn kitesurfing from scratch! We provide private lessons (1:1) or semi-private lessons (2:1) if you are sharing with a friend or family member. If it's your very first time learning to pilot a kite, the duration of the first lesson is typically 3 hours, so that you can get a sufficient introduction to the sport including some theory on the beach before proceeding to kite piloting exercises in the water. If you are not a complete beginner, the lesson duration is typically 2 hours. We offer packages from 6 - 12 hours. It's best if you can stay for one week to allow rest days and free time, and flexibility to reschedule if conditions are not suitable on certain days.

What's included: All kitesurfing equipment Wetsuit, helmet, lifejacket, booties Radios Insurance Boat rescue if necessary

If you are an independent kiter but you won't have your equipment with you, we've also got you covered with gear rental. You must be an independent rider with significant experience in riding upwind. We use primarily Ozone kitesurfing equipment so high quality is assured. The lagoon is a safe area to kite but if you need a rescue we can also pick you up with our boat for a small fee.

So what are you waiting for? Book your place in Portugal's kitesurfing paradise!


For accommodation, we have partnered with local property owners, which helps us to spread business and give back to the community. There is the option to stay in a very affordable apartment with sea and lagoon view, or in a country-style house either by renting the entire house if you are with a group of family, or just occupy an individual room sharing the house with other guests. Both these properties are just a few minutes walk from the beach and restaurants, and 30min walk or 15 min bike ride to kite spot inside the lagoon. You can ask us where to rent bicycles from in the village.
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I am João, 38, a Portuguese native who is passionate about outdoor sports, especially water sports such as surfing, SUP, sailing, windsurfing, hydrofoiling and kitesurfing. I love to explore new kite and surf destinations, meet different cultures and share one of my passions; kitesurfing.

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I graduated Outdoor Sports and Tourism in Portugal (2008) and I am a certified kite and sailing instructor from FPVela and IKO with 14 years of traveling and teaching experience in countries like Portugal, Vietnam, Brazil, Indonesia, Dominican Republic, Italy, Montenegro, philippines and columbia. In 2007 my own kitesurfing journey began right here at “Lagoa de Óbidos”, so it is a pleasure to have come full circle and start my own project right here; making my passion my profession.
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