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Los Roques

06 Jun. 2016

Los Roques was a wonderful place to visit. Except for one single day we had good wind for at least a kite number 12 and more than half of those days we had enough power for a number 9. The landscape is unforgetable and the spots were never crowded, actually in some places we were alone. Our captain Fernando at Sula Sula boat is very knowledgeable in that region wich made our experience even richer with his sailing skills and all the local information he provided about history, local fauna and showing us the right places to snorkel or to enjoy a wonderful sunset. Daniel is an experienced kitesurfer and a good fellow that is always ready to assist you whenever you need his help. As a good trip organizer he knows the right people to make our experience safe above everything in both places we were, wich included Coche Island, an amazing flat water spot where we went just before our official hired tour.

10 Jun. 2016

Los Roques - heaven on earth does exist!! Just came back from probably the best holiday of my life... When booking this trip via bstoked with Daniel, our host and kite teacher, I started dreaming of how cool it would be - up to a point where I had to stop myself as I was getting a bit "scared" that the experience might not live up to my expectations - but then... All my expectations were totally exceeded!  I really don't know where to start - as everything was outstanding. Travelling to Los Roques in our literally private plane with the whole group was already superfun and it got better and better from there. The boat Sula Sula was great and the crew (Fernando and Veroniqua) were simply the best. We were taken care of from morning till evening. Once on the boat we were blessed to experience possibly some of the most beautiful spots on this planet and - even better - to kite there all by ourselves!! It felt unreal - perfect kite spots with perfect wind and water conditions and only the 6 of us kiting there!!! And we got this "treatment" every day throught the whole journey.... During the whole time we were lucky to get the best and freshest seafood prepared for us in Michelin Star quality... And we had lots of fun on board killing the odd cuba libre every evening ;-) Last but not least - this experience would not have been so perfect without Daniel. He had organizer everything perfectly but always in a very relaxed manner. Everything was taken care of but never felt "over-organized". Him being an outstanding kiter and kite-teacher does not even need to be mentioned, him being superfun and a truly nice guy should be mentioned though. This is why this was only my first kitesurfing trip with him as organizer - more definitively to come. And I will come back to Los Roques, now that I have found out that paradise exists...


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