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17 Mar. 2018

Super friendly crew, beautiful spot with good wind, very comfortable accommodation and great food. A wonderful experience. I can only recommend it and would book it again.

06 Apr. 2019

It is the perfect spot for beginers and as well advanced riders. I personally learned how to kite and Kathring was the perfect instructor. I have seen also how extremely pleased were the other advenced people, how were not only staying at the spot but also exploring the surrounding. The accomodation was clean and inspiring, the food was delicious. On the few no windy hours we could go to explore the island beauty. The stuff is very wellcoming. An overall great experience and I m lookingvto come back at some point.

31 Dec. 2019

Kathrin is just amazing, a super women! Highly recommend spot! The food is delicious, the accommodation is good, the kiting is super, just be aware of the sea urchins.

18 Feb. 2019

Was great. Kiting from island to island. We drove to Bisliq (southeast Mindoro) from Manila, everybody advised us against that, but was seriously a very cool experience! On arrival we kited a bit at the bisliq coast (beautiful clearblue water, but be careful for the coral, it slices open your feet easily). Netx day we joined the kitesafari; we slept on small islands, twice in a day carecenter of the kids, once in a lovely hotel. Sometimes we kited to the next island, sometimes we did it by typical Phillipino style boat. All islands were little paradises. It was an amazing experience. See a couple of photos (click on the link)

06 May. 2019

Fantastic adventure, with long downwind kiting trips, swimming in freshwater oases, four wheel driving adventures, wake boarding, and trekking to remote Portuguese ruins. Also camped one night in a desert camp, and climbed the sand hills for amazing views. Great international mix of people, with excellent guides.


$23 (per night from)