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04 Jul. 2019

Quite honestly I loved it! Although I didn't master the art of kiteboarding I know I am close and with a couple of more days back home in England will be up and riding. What made it so good tho was the kite camp and the friendliness and welcoming nature of everyone there. And that starts with the hosts and the trainers who, without exception were fantastic, with inspiring patience. I intend to come back. next time more competent, but knowing that there is more I can learn in a wonderful environment.

28 Jul. 2019

This was my first kitesurfing experience. I had a great time and will definitely do it again. Would love to come back to Algarve Watersports as well. The staff at the camp is super friendly and helpful. Special shout out to Marcin who was my instructor for the first few days. He's not only a great instructor but also an amazing kite surfer himself and all around super nice guy. If you're expecting your usual camp food you should adjust your expectations a few notches up. And you still won't be disappointed as Jens is an amazing cook and creates a wonderful menu every day and makes sure there's plenty to eat as well. Only regret I have is that I didn't book a private lesson on day 4 or 5 - that would have helped quite a bit I think.


$809 (7 nights from)