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From €71 per night
Girls Camp at beautiful Diani Beach is one of these kitesurf experiences that every girl is dreaming of. The idea of the camp is to spend a wonderful time, make memories and learn or expand our kitesurfing skills at one of the prettiest beaches in the world - with girls only!
Kitesurf conditions

Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Wind: Light, Perfect

Spot: Shallow, Flat, Choppy

Gear rental

Gear storage

Lessons or coaching

Spot guidance

Rescue service

Walking distance to spot

The kite spot at Diani is very friendly for all levels, including beginners. The teaching happens at the low tide in the shallow water area with a sandy bottom. In August you get between 18 - 26 knots and the average of 80 - 90 % windy days in the month. Indian Ocean is really warm so the wetsuit is not necessarily needed. We recommend to take a long sleeve rash vest as the sun might be strong, a cap, sunglasses with an elastic band. If you don't have your own kite gear you should not be worried because we provide all sizes needed for the kite lessons or rental.

Trip characteristics

Accommodation: Bungalow

Typical Pickup: Diani Beach, Kwale County, Kenia

Flight search assistance

Suitable for: Solo traveler, Group, Family, Non-rider

English Polish

Ambience: Wilderness, Relaxed

Experience Type: Collective

The Destination

Kenya is an awesome place for kitesurfing but not only. The country has to offer much more than beautiful beaches... You gonna experience incredible wildlife as well. Many colorful tribes, beautiful nature next by and joyful monkeys will create memorable time and you will have a desire to come back soon, we promise! Beyond kitesurfing and world-famous safari parks lies a trove of coastal treasures. All girls can snorkel in the blue ocean and explore coral reefs in front of the resort! We will plan a day trip by Afrian boat, relax on pearly beaches, experience the melting pot of cultures. In Diani are several nice and stylish places to have a meal or simply to seat and enjoy the cocktail in front of the sea. Its a paradise, just have a look at the pictures :)

The Experience

The Camp is dedicated to all girls who kitesurf or want to learn from the beginning. We are going to help you to improve and reach your goals at any level. The coaching and lessons will be as personalized as possible to optimize your progression and fully satisfy your needs. We offer 7 or 10 days Camp in very nice resort just in front of the kitesurfing spot at pearly Diani Beach. We would like to host our girls in very girly and positive atmosphere!

The coach is going to give you lessons and advices during the day, every evening the coach will debrief the day and get you ready for the upcoming day. Beyond kitesurfing you will experience great lifestyle, you will make a new friends and spend amazing time while sharing experiences and passion to the sport.

Kenya is getting more and more popular as a Kitesurfing destination, the white and long uncrowded beach makes this place very unique! To kitesurf in Diani you don't need any wetsuit - what makes this kitesurf experience even more enjoyable! With all girls who are interested in advanced coaching we will use radio helmets to help you improve even faster!

We will spend every evening together, make BBQs and enjoy fresh seafood from the local fishermen - who will mostly prepare everything for us! We will go out for a drinks and watch little bush babes jumping at the trees!

Other Activities

Our camp girls will get a chance to go for the 2 day safari to one of the biggest safari parks in Kenya. Going to Kenya for a holiday means that you have to take a part in one of these safaris! make your dreams come true and see incredible wildlife and real savannahs. The safari trip is fully organized, includes food, drinks and one night in the camp inside of the park! and all you need is a good mood and a camera!

Getting there

The flights are not included in the trip, so you need to check flights to Mombasa airport by yourself. We are more than happy to help and advise what flight is the best.

The most popular airlines are TUI, Rainbow, Itaka, Emirates, Turkish Airlines, KLM, Ethiopian. Qatar and many more... If you plan to take your own kite gear remember to check the price for the sport bag.

Once you arrived at Mombasa airport you will have to pay the tourist visa around 40E. In front of the airport will be transfer arranged by us. The way takes up to 2h drive.


During kite camp we offer a few nice houses, right in front of the beach and the kite spot. Each house has well equipped kitchen, dining area, toilet and bathroom. We have from 2 - 5 beds inside of the house, tarace with a garden view and free wifi and parking for the car. The food in NOT included, but is possible to order breakfasts for the whole period of your stay. Each house has equipped kitchen, dining room, a few beds, toilet and bathroom, tarace with a garden view, The wifi and parking for the car is free of charge.

Bed in Bungalow

African style bungalow. Very comfortable, nice and very near beach, quiet, good beds, much space, clean house and compound. Food is not included, but is possible to order breakfast for our guests. The price of the bungalow should not change, the only exception is when we book it at different dates.

Walking distance to spot



Included services
gear storage, facilities of the Kitecentre
beach services
transfer from/to the airport
accommodation in the beach cottages
travel guide
camp t-shirt
Optional services
Gear Rental
Kite rental, Full pack - 7 days
Kite rental, Full pack - 10 days
Lessons & Coaching
beginner kite lessons, group - 6 hours
Intermediate kite lessons, group - 10 hours
refresher kite lessons, group - 3 hours
private radio coaching + video analysis - 1 hour
2 days Safari - 2 days
Breakfast - 1 day
Full body massage - 1 hour
Extra expenses
Food in not included, each cottage is self-contained and the schooping centre is not far
Flight ticket to Mombasa, ask for tips
Visa, 40 EUR paid at the airpot



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