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Surf, kite, and explore your heart out in one of North Africa's windiest cities. From discovering the hidden corners of the preserved old town to riding camels through the countryside, there's adventures aplenty for anyone who comes here; and kitesurfing is just the beginning.
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Essaouira receives relatively strong wind throughout the year. The peak season for kitesurfing runs between April-September, during which time the northeast winds blow 18-23 knots on average (though it's not uncommon for it to blow quite a bit stronger, too). The full range of wind in Essaouria spans from 15-30 knots. The most common kite sizes during the peak season are 6-10 meters. The wind picks up in the morning around 9 o'clock and kitesurfing lessons begin at 10. The wind builds in strength throughout the day, so beginners may find the conditions more comfortable in the hours leading up to lunchtime. The wind is known to continue blowing well into the sunset hours, which is fantastic news for anyone who loves a good sunset session (which is everyone, right?!). Essaouira sits on a 4 km stretch of sandy beach which provides ample space for launching and landing. The curved shape of the bay shelters the beach area from big waves, instead washing in sets of easy going, gentle rollers. Beginners won't have an issue managing the water conditions. Meanwhile, more experienced wave riders will do well to explore the downwind areas which are known to have clean wave spots with breaks of 1-2 meters. Twin tips and surfboards are both great choices, depending on your riding style.

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Available Options: Vegetarian, Vegan

The Destination

A city loved by artists, poets, and writers, Essaouira's bustling port and ancient medina face out over the Atlantic Ocean. The medina (or 'old town') and its traditional Portuguese architecture has earned the city high praise from its visitors and has even secured itself a spot on UNESCO's list of World Heritage sites. The cobbled streets of the old town all eventually lead to the vibrant fishing port, where you'll find locals hawking their catch of the day and restaurant owners stocking up for their evening specials. Grab yourself a seat at one of the seafood restaurants at sunset and you'll be treated to mouthwatering local delicacies and sweeping views of the Atlantic. But seafood is just a small part of Moroccan cuisine; the availability of local spices, herbs, and oils combined with Morocco's diverse cultural influences make the food some of the most exotic and delicious in the world.

The Experience

Essaouira is a place to relax, as well as be active; a place to indulge, but also to enjoy the simple things. Apart from its windswept kitesurfing beaches, the city and surrounding area offer ample opportunities for adventure, exploration, and space to connect with nature.

Extra guided activities

Dive into the local landscape and experience activities such as camel trekking, horse trekking, and surfing. As long as you have your adventure gear on, you'll find there are a plethora of interesting things to try during your free time. Not only are these extra activities are an original way to add spice to your kiting holiday, they're also a fun alternative for any family members, friends, or partners coming with you that don't kitesurf themselves.

Kitesurfing lessons

Kitesurfing lessons take place in small groups (usually 2 students for every instructor). This means you'll have the benefit of individual attention from your instructor as well as the motivation of learning alongside another person at your level. Private 1-1 lessons are also available (at a slightly higher price). Based on your schedule and how fast you want to go, you can pick between daily courses and a week long intensive beginner’s course. The course has been designed to get you up and riding on the board as fast as possible. Your host's primary goal is to train every student in a professional yet relaxed atmosphere, so that every guest has a memorable experience, enjoy every moment spent on the beach, and master the art of kitesurfing. All equipment is included in the lesson price.

Multi-lingual team

Whether you're an English speaker or not, your host has you covered. The owner of the kitesurfing club is very versed when it comes to languages, and speaks English, German, French, and Arabic. This school is practically the only one with this much language versatility. Don’t let anything- not even the language- stop you.

5 Days Kitesurf camp
Day 1 - 5 - Eat, Chill, Kite, Repeat

Day 1 - Showing where the school is located and starting your first lesson. You can do up to two sessions per day. Lessons start from 10 o'clock in the morning and again at 2 in the afternoon. After your lessons you can go for a walk and enjoy a drink in the old town, watch the beautiful sunset, and enjoy the chilled Essaouira vibe! Day 2 - Lessons will happen at the same time Enjoy the evening the Ananas way 💙 handpicked fresh fish and veggies from the market prepared and cooked in a nice and cosy restaurant. Day 3, 4, and 5 Classes will happen at the same time daily. After hours we'll enjoy time on the beach and beautiful views of the surrounding area.

Itineraries are not binding and the actual itinerary can be adjusted by the host because of unforeseen circumstances or other reasons!


Have you ever stayed in a Riad before? Well, this is your chance! Riads are Moroccan style accommodations designed with intricate traditional architecture. Our Riads look simple from the outside, but when you open up those carved wooden doors you'll find a room of total luxury. Our Riads are fitted to European standard and come equipped with a bathroom, shower or bathtub, satellite TV, telephone and a safe. You will also have a terrace to relax on, an open-air swimming pool, and access to the parking lot. We have 2 location options available, one is smack dab in the center of the old town while the other is just 150 meters away from the kitesurfing beach. Take your pick!

Single room in shared Riad (Off site)

Suitable for a solo traveler.

Double room
Full riad (Off site)

For ultimate privacy (and perfect for families and groups of friends), choose to rent the entire riad to yourself.


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