At the Dominican Republic there is one well-know kitesurfing spot: Cabarete. Known as the Caribbean Mecca for kitesurfing, Cabarete offers great opportunities for water sports. Year by year many enthusiastic kiters and surfers from all over the world, or those who want to become one, choose Cabarete as their favorite destination for a holiday. Great wind and wave conditions, crystal clear warm water, lots of sunshine and the beautiful Caribbean surroundings with its white beaches and thousands of palm trees are the best reasons to come. And besides surfing and kitesurfing, there are lots of other things to do and see. The whole Cabarete area is pretty wide. It starts at Encuentro, the wavespot and ends at La Boca, the river mouth. You will find the most kiters and kite schools on Kite beach and Bozo beach. Cabarete is the perfect place for experienced kitesurfers that love to have some action outside the water as well, but you can even come as a beginner.

But apart from the - in the peak season sometimes quite crowded - Cabarete area, there are several other nice spots along the North coast, that are way less known. I.e. Buen Hombre and Las Terrenas stand out as great spots for beginners, as they offer nice flat water and are less crowded - and some say that Buen Hombre would offer even more wind than Cabarete. But for sure they both offer a way more relaxed vibe.

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