Italy is one of the most popular places for kitesurfing in Europe. It a perfect combination of great wind, sunny weather and delicious food. From the islands Sicily and Sardinia to Lake Garda and over 7.500 km of coastline there are endless kitespots to discover. You will find a good mixture of flat water and waves suitable for every riding style and good infrastructure making travel easy especially for families. In this guide you will find out the best time to visit Italy for kitesurfing, how you get there, what you need to bring and all other important information to properly plan and enjoy your kiteboarding holiday in Italy.


Skill: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Wind: Light, Moderate, Strong
Spot conditions: Shallow, Flat, Small waves, Choppy
Suitable for: Non-rider, Family, Solo traveler, Group, Couple
Ambience: Relaxed, Lively Bars, Parties & Clubs, Luxurious, Rustic

Pros and Cons

+ Unbelievable Food
+ Easy to get around
+ Lots of other things to do
- Wetsuit needed
- Spots can be crowded in summer

What you need to know about Kitesurfing in Italy

Italy has many different places to go and a variety of spots everywhere along the coast, inland and among the offshore islands. The most common spots are Sicily, Sardinia and Lake Garda but you will also find many spots along Italy’s main coastline. During summer spots can become very crowded especially with tourists so the best time to go differs from the kite season. The summer months bring most reliable winds but for most parts of Italy. If you plan to visit Sardinia, it even better to go after summer between August – September as the crowds are smaller and the wind is still good. Italy is great for kids and people that want to discover “la dolce vita” and like a relaxed atmosphere.

Kite cruises in Italy

Maybe it sounds less attractive then the Caribbean but a kite cruise around Sardinia is a wonderful experience where you can explore spots no one else has ever kited before. It is a really convenient trip for European travellers and a great chance to avoid the crowded spots during summer.

Kite camps in Italy

With a kite camp in Italy your progress is ensured. You will find the best conditions for wave riding from beginners to advanced riders in Sardinia. Sicily is the place to go for total beginners and freestyle riders as you will find flat water and lots of other like-minded people around the area of the Lagoon. There are almost only kitesurfers so there is always something going on in the night time.

Accommodations for kitesurfer in Italy

There are plenty of options for accommodations in Italy. Due to a short flight time from almost everywhere in Europe it is easy to bring your gear and book just an accommodation directly at the spot.

Italy for beginners

As beginner Italy is a good choice. You don’t have to search for long to find a spot with shallow and flat water. During summer it is quite warm and the winds are constantly blowing. There are a good amount of professional kite schools on all major spots so you don’t need to worry about your safety.

What makes kitesurfing in Italy special

Italy is a short distance from nearly every European country, you will find all kinds of conditions and it pretty convenient to get around. There are many kite schools with international instructors and lots of safety requirements. It is an easy kite holiday but with everything you need.

Infrastructure Available

Most places offer an airport pickup but if you are in Italy you want to get around and explore all the amazing restaurants and enjoy pizza, pasta and the wine selection. You don’t want to miss the amazing landscapes and the beautiful cities so you better get a rental car which are pretty affordable and give you a lot of flexibility. If you are an independent rider and not booking a camp it is recommended to bring your own gear and carry it around in your car. Gear rental can be expensive so you will save lots of money.

What else to discover

Italy is full of adventures. In some areas you can go hiking around the beautiful landscape or rent a mountain bike and search for the best day trips. You can always charter a boat and discover some lonely bays and have a coal beer or wine on the boat. There are lots of nice, old cities around which you can explore by bike or scooter and enjoy great coffee while taking a break. As you can imagine it is a great place for families and non-kiters. Groups and Solo travel will find other like-minded people in Sicily where also some nightlife is going on during the high season in summer. Italy can be exactly the way you want it. Relaxing family vacations with some kitesurfing, 24/7 kitesurfing with some nightlife and also adventures when exploring the country on a boat.

Kitesurf Spots