Oman is an amazing, unique and newly discovered kiteboarding destination located along the coast of the Arabian Sea. With amazing wind, perfect waves in the sea and glassy lagoons by the shore, it is a fantastic spot for kiting, surfing and SUPing. Kite tourism in Oman is very new so you can be sure there will be no crowds and you will enjoy amazing sessions with the ocean all to yourself. Encounter incredible wildlife along the way including dolphins, rays, turtles and more!


Skill: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Wind: Moderate, Strong
Spot conditions: Shallow, Flat, Small waves, Big waves, Choppy
Suitable for: Solo traveler, Group, Couple
Ambience: Wilderness, Relaxed, Rustic

Pros and Cons

+ Strong, reliable wind
+ No wetsuit needed
+ No crowds
+ Offers waves and flat water spots
- Not many other things to do
- No easy way to arrive

What you need to know about kitesurfing in Oman

The main wind season in Oman is from April until September. You can expect wind speeds from 25-30 knots and temperatures between 30-35 degrees C. No wetsuit is necessary because of the hot temperatures though a rash guard is useful for sun protection and as a block from the strong wind. There are many spots to choose from including shallow, flat water lagoons- perfect for beginners as well as freestyle enthusiasts and many waves spots- perfect for riding your surfboard with small waves for learning and waves up to 4m for experts!

Kite Tours and Safaris in Oman

As an intermediate/advanced rider, joining a kite safari in Oman is one of the best ways to discover and explore the amazing kite spots and breathtaking nature it has to offer. Choose to stay in a hotel right on the water at the Ras al Hadd lagoon. Here you have the option to take part in daily excursions to different spots including big waves, small waves, point breaks and flat water lagoons. For the ultimate adventure, take part in a 300km assisted downwinder where you will ride along the coast exploring offshore islands, lagoons and wave spots camping on the beach the whole way!

Kite Accommodations in Oman

Hotels are available in a variety of locations directly on the kite spot or a short drive away depending on which location you decide to go to. Camping rentals are also available which include heavy duty, weather proof tents with optional add-ons including toilet facilities, food and drink and the option to join daily safaris.

Oman for Beginners

With reliable winds and shallow, flat water lagoons, Oman has great and safe locations for beginners. Ras al Hadd lagoon, Masira Island and Muscat’s Kite Beach are all suitable for learning.

Why Oman is so Great for Kitesurfing

Being a relatively new kiteboarding destinations, some locations in Oman are quite undiscovered and remote. Enjoy amazing sessions with few others with amazing wind and any condition you could wish for- from butter flat water to 4m waves! Masira Island is a kiteboarders dream with all conditions reachable within 20 minutes of each other. Mussanah Beach is the perfect place for a resort holiday with watersports right on your doorstep and Muscat’s Kite Beach is the closest kite spot from the airport and city which offers great flat and shallow water conditions. Many other amazing spots exist along the coast for the adventurous soul, here is where Oman’s incredible kite safaris/tours comes in to play!

Infrastructure in Oman

As kiteboarding is a growing sport in Oman, there is a lack of kiteboarding infrastructure. Bringing your own gear is recommended and if you plan to join a safari or travel from the main spots bringing spare gear and a repair kit is also recommended as there are no repair shops along the way. Transportation from the airport can be arranged with your accommodation and will be included if you join a kite safari. If you plan to travel from spot to spot on your own renting a 4x4 is recommended.

Nightlife and Other Activities

You will find lively bars and nightlife in Muscat city itself, though majority of other kite spots are found in small towns or villages with little or no nightlife. Oman has a very unique heritage and ancient history, don’t miss out on the amazing forts and castles that there are to discover. Visit turtle beach in Ras Al Hadd where mother turtles return every year to lay their eggs, you can even see the eggs hatch and the baby turtles make their way back to sea! SUPing, surfing, diving and snorkelling are also great ways to spend your time in Oman.

Kitesurf Spots