Peru is home to the longest kiteboarding wave in the world. With 300+ windy days per year Peru is a must-see destination for a kiter. You can find conditions suitable for beginner to advanced riders, some of the world’s best wave riding and endless adventures. This guide will help you choose when to go, where to go and everything else you need to know about planning your kitesurf vacation in Peru.


Skill: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Wind: Moderate, Strong
Spot conditions: Shallow, Flat, Small waves, Big waves
Suitable for: Non-rider, Family, Solo traveler, Group, Couple
Ambience: Wilderness, Relaxed, Lively Bars

Pros and Cons

+ Over 300 days of sun and wind per year
+ World class wave riding conditions
+ Lots of spots to explore and a variety of other activities to enjoy
+ Friendly welcoming community
- Can be expensive to get there
- Wetsuit needed (2mm shorty in summer and 3/2mm in winter)

What you need to know about kiteboarding in Peru

Peru is the land of eternal summer with hot and sunny weather the whole year. The perfect windy season if from May-December though there is still good wind the rest of the year. The winds blow from 15-30 knots so kites between 7m-12m will be used. Along the North Shore you will find amazing wave riding at various locations including Mancora, Nuro and Cabo Blanco. Pacasmayo is home to the world’s longest kiteable wave. This town is quite isolated but not too far from the North Coast and well worth the drive! Just south of Lima, you will find Paracas- a sheltered flat water lagoon perfect for learning and freestyle riding. There is something for everyone in Peru, it’s almost too good to be true!

Kite Camps and Tours in Peru

Wave camps are a popular choice in Peru with so many spots and waves to choose from. Join the locals for a tour of the north coast beaches and experience some of the best wave kiting in the world. Combine kiting with yoga, SUP and nature excursions, Peru has a ton to offer. Beginner camps are also available including an all women’s camp in Paracas.

Accommodations in Peru

All different accommodations styles are offered in Peru with different budgets and travellers in mind. If you are travelling as a family or couple there are hotels available as well as full villas and beachfront bungalows to rent. Travel alone and rent a single room in a shared house- the perfect way to meet other kiters and travellers. Come with a group of friends and rent out an entire beachfront home. Accommodations are available directly on the kite spot.

Kite-Wave Courses in Peru

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced rider, Peru has a course for you. The perfect, glassy waves are perfect for trying wave kitesurfing or improving your skills. Learn from the best on a wave downwinder- the perfect opportunity to perfect your skills.

Peru for Beginners

The warm weather and constant wind make Peru a great place for learning. Flat waters are recommended for learning making Paracas the best place. The bay is sheltered from the ocean swell and surrounded by beach meaning no matter what happens you will make it back to land and not drift out to sea.

What makes Peru so good for kiteboarding?

The perfect combinations of wind, waves and warm weather makes Peru so amazing. Wind is almost guaranteed from May-December and very likely the rest of the year. There is something for everyone with amazing waves along the north coast and flat water in Paracas. Travel from beach to beach enjoying endless kiting, delicious food and epic sunsets.

Infrastructure in Peru

There are various kite schools at the main spots offering lessons and rentals, though bringing your own gear is recommended. Bring your 7-12m and a surfboard! Joining a camp means you will have transport from spot to spot, but if you are travelling independently renting a car is recommended to take advantage of all the spots and beaches around.

Travel, Nightlife and Other Activities

Peru is an amazing country with a ton of other activities and place to explore so don’t worry if there is a no wind day- you will keep busy! Peru is rich in culture- spend a week in the south to visit Machu Picchu and Cusco. Experience amazing cuisine as well as shopping and markets. Go SUPing, swimming with the turtles and don’t miss the amazing whale migration from mid July- October.

Mancora is a small town which has slowly become a popular tourist destination filled with tourists and backpackers. You will find all amenities you need here with great food, markets and nightlife. Pacasmayo is a small isolated village, an amazing kiteboarding destination with a few restaurants and accommodation options. Paracas is a nature lovers paradise with rugged landscapes, amazing wildlife and great food.

Kitesurf Spots