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04 Apr. 2017

Just came back from an epic snowkite-expedition with Alma Arktika, and no doubt the was a great adventure into the wilderness, one everybody should do once (at least) in a lifetime. We started with 2 days practice (enough for a rookie like me) - and then 5 days into endless landscapes, we didnt meet any other people theese five days. Hannu and Reetta who runs the ALMA ARKTIKA, are wonderful people, well organized, with good rental gear and cozy cabins in Nuorgam. They are helpful in anyway and took good care of our group of 4 people. The scenery is out of this world, and the expedition took us through white valleys, snowblizzards, sleeping under the beautiful northern lights and compleeting this expedition, surely was a great pleasure (and hard work) - im hooked and i will come back. Big thanks to Hannu and Reetta ...and Juho for a nice ride to the airport ;-) Great gear Great organized Great wilderness Great adventure

07 Apr. 2017

08 Apr. 2017

Just incredible! Staying with Hannu and Reetta who run Alma Arktika was the best decision ever! No matter if you already know how to snowkite (they have great expeditions for experienced riders to stay several days in the wilderness) or are completely new to kiting as I was they will have you up and running in no time! Stunning views, beautiful scenery in the wilderness of Lapland, lovely cottages and a lot of fun while snowkiting! Even no need to bring any equipment with you, they will provide you with the complete gear and everything you need, give you a lot of tips and tricks as well as other options to do if there is no wind to kite (I definitely recommend to take a ride to the arctic ocean and/or go fat biking. a big fat plus is the chance to see the northern lights during winter season!) If you want an unforgettable and memorizable week definitely the place to go! Thanks again for the incredible week!

22 Apr. 2018

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