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Kaldoaivi is Finland’s biggest wilderness. With its almost completely treeless expanses, it is the ultimate location for snowkite adventure. This wide wilderness is also rich in history and lore. The Sami nomads tracked the reindeer in these mountains for centuries. Now we follow in their footsteps.
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Kaldoaivi is the ultimate location for a snowkite adventure. It is one of the largest wilderness areas in Europe and its vast expanse is almost completely treeless. Because tourism is minimal in this area, the snow here is pristine. It is something you should experience at least once in your lifetime. You won't see any other groups during the hike; our only company might be a passing herd of reindeer. As the old Sami nomads used to say: "The wind lives with the hills." It is seldom completely windless in Kaldoaivi. Often there is enough wind to travel 30 km to 50 km in a day. We can also snowkite on the Norway side of the border if there’s not enough wind or snow in the Kaldoaivi area. The temperature ranges from zero to -10 degrees Celsius, but we make sure that you won't be cold during the expedition. We provide all the needed gear.

Trip characteristics

Accommodation: House

Suitable for: Solo traveler

English Finnish Norwegian

Ambience: Wilderness

Experience Type: Collective

Food: Full board

The Destination

Nuorgam is the northernmost village in the EU. It is located 500 kilometers north of the Arctic Circle, near the Norwegian border. Because tourism is minimal here, the natural surroundings are virtually untouched. It is something you should experience at least once in your lifetime. Due to its location, Nuorgam is one of the best places to view the Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights. We have zero light pollution and there are no clouds because of the cold weather. This makes it possible to see the Northern Lights on 60–70% of winter nights. Although the location is remote, it is surprisingly easy to get here. There are several nearby airports and we are happy to pick you up. All you need to do is book your flight and we’ll take care of the rest. The closest airports are located in: - Ivalo, Finland - 200 km. Finnair flies daily from Helsinki. Norwegian flies seasonally from Helsinki. - Kirkenes, Norway - 150 km. Norwegian and SAS fly domestically within Norway.

The Experience

If you handle a kite in the water, then you can definitely do it in the snow! Depending on the conditions, you can expect to travel by kite around 30 to 50 km during the day. In the evenings, you’ll learn arctic survival skills, such as fire-making with traditional tools. You’ll spend your nights in cozy cottages or winter tents. You’ll also have the opportunity to experience traditional Finnish sauna in our picturesque wilderness cabins. Additionally, your chance of seeing the Northern Lights during the expedition is extremely high.

All you need for this fun-filled trip is a sense of adventure and good winter clothing. All special equipment is provided. We serve local organic food, including wild salmon, reindeer meat, wild berries, and more. All of our guides are experienced kitesurfers and wilderness survival experts with current first aid skills. You will get help anytime you need it. For everyone’s safety, a snow mobile will be present throughout the entire expedition.

You will need to bring:

  • Skis/snowboard, ski boots (rental gear available)
  • Warm, breathable winter clothing (e.g. Goretex)
  • Down jacket
  • Thermal underwear, change of clothes
  • Hat, gloves
  • Any additional snacks you may wish to have such as nuts, chocolate, or energy drinks
  • Travel insurance covering kiteskiing

Additional activities

After the wilderness expedition, you will have a full day which you can spend snowkiting at the local spot or you can choose from these activities:

  • Husky Safari (optional)
  • Visiting a reindeer herder
  • Snowmobile
  • Ice fishing
  • Fatbiking
  • Skiing
  • Snowshoeing
  • Day trip to Norway


We will pick you up from the airport (Ivalo or Kirkkoniemi), after which we will make our way to the cottage. During the evening, we will check the weather forecasts and consider different route options. You can do shopping in the local supermarket. The evening ends with a sauna and an evening meal.

DAY 2 - Practicing

We will begin by familiarising ourselves with each piece of equipment and the emergency-release procedure for the kites, and go through what to do in special situations. After the day in the wilderness we will come back to our cosy cottages in the village where sauna is heated.


During the first expedition day, we will travel 20–30 km according to the strength and direction of the wind. We will spend the night in either a wilderness cabin or in winter tents—hopefully under the Aurora Borealis (the northern lights).


On the second day of the expedition, we will travel 30–50 km according to the strength and direction of the wind. We will aim to end up at the cabin beside Riekkojärvi Lake, where the sauna will soothe those hard-worked muscles, and the bravest can try some snow bathing. Using the cabin’s wood stove, we will prepare a reindeer dinner as well as smoked fish from our ice-fishing catch.


Around 30-50 km kite skiing, depending on the direction and strength of the winds An opportunity to do some ice-fishing on a fell lake. The evening’s program consists of learning arctic skills, such as fire-making without tools.


Heading back to civilization. You'll sleep in the cozy cottage.


Heading back to the airport. On the way to Ivalo it is possible to visit Sami museum.

Itineraries are not binding and the actual itinerary can be adjusted by the host because of unforeseen circumstances or other reasons!


A beautiful river-side cottage in the village of Nuorgam will be your base camp during the week. Here you will have shared rooms and modern amenities. During the expedition, we will spend the night in either a wilderness cabin or in winter tents. Imagine yourself in the snowy wilderness, beside a crackling fire with the Aurora Borealis streaming overhead.

Shared rooms, cabins, tents


Included services
Food: Full board
Airport transfer
Gear: A foil kite, harness, and helmet (you’re also welcome to bring your own equipment)
Ground cloth and sleeping bag
Radiophone, headlamp and a thermos flask
Thermal suit and snow shoes
Three meals a day: breakfast, lunch and dinner
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