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  • From: München, Germany
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I started sailing & windsurfing 30 years ago and converted to kitesurfing 15 years ago. I travelled the world to enjoy the best wind & waves to find. Now it is time to explore great spots reachable only by boat/catamaran. experience freedom.

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29 Jul. 2021

The Catamaran Cruise with Hardi was fantastic and one of the most exciting and beautiful vacations we have ever done! He is very kind, attentive and did everything to ensure that every crew member onboard felt comfortable and well. Hardi was well prepared in every way. Hardi knew different routes with great kite spots (for kiting on one spot or for great downwinders), secret beautiful spots for snorkeling, and little bays for stay overnight or having dinner in nice local restaurants with delicious food. The crew always decided together how the plan for the day would be designed. The catamaran itself was very modern, extremely clean, and had more space and storage space than we expected. My kite equipment (3 kites, 2 bars, 1 board, pump, harness) could also be stowed away safely and dryly. The bedroom had a large double bed for me and my girlfriend. Surprisingly, we had a very good night's sleep and the sea was always very calm overnight. In the bedroom were even enough shelves for our clothes, a small fan, two windows that could be opened, and mosquito nets. The bathroom had a decent toilet with a sink and shower even with warm water. Everything here was clean and in great condition. The kitchen also had everything you need, even a dishwasher (!!!) and there was enough space with a large table so that everyone could eat together. There is a nice music system with speakers both inside and outside. A TV is also available but we never used it. The outside area on deck is also very spacious and you have enough space to enjoy the great atmosphere while sailing, sunbathe, read a book on a mattress or sofa or help Hardi with sailing. Hardi is a very experienced skipper and we have always felt safe the entire time. He had also explained how the control of the catamaran works and how to throw the anchor. He really had a lot of cool equipment on board for entertainment and fun during the day. Professional camera for amazing pictures (kite surfing/ wakeboarding, etc.), GoPro underwater camera, Stand-up paddle, cord for wakeboarding with the motorboat, sea scooter, diving equipment, wakeboards, own kites, foils, and a hammock to chill out. Hardi had mastered all of it perfectly and safely. For kitesurfing, we went to nice spots with enough wind. Sometimes we went ashore with the motorboat to start from there. Sometimes we started straight from the catamaran. Both take-off and land had worked perfectly and safely. To be on the safe side, Hardi always had the motorboat ready as a rescue boat in case the wind went out or there were other problems on the water. The food was bought together in the supermarket before the start so that everyone had what they needed for 8 days in the fridge. A few evenings we drove to small harbors by motorboat and had dinner there in restaurants. The costs were shared fairly among the crew in board cash. Overall, it was a great trip, with great preparation, top organization, a beautiful catamaran, a wonderful sea, a cool crew, and an excellent skipper. We'll definitely be back next year. Thanks, Hardi!