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  • Member since: July 2019
  • From: Koper, Slovenia
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Already as a six year old kid I was fascinated by the sea and water sports when I started sailing in a local sailing club. In 2007 a friend introduced me to kiteboarding at the river Neretva in Croatia. I was immediately hooked with this, at the time, relatively new sport. Years later I was teaching kiteboarding in Croatia as a member of the Neretva kiteboarding school and in 2016 I obtained IKO certificate. Besides teaching kiteboarding, I organized kite trips to Brazil and Egypt, and organized sport events to engage people in different activities such as sailing, climbing and kiteboarding on the Slovene coast. In 2018 I obtained a boat skipper license up to 30 GT and in 2019 yachtmaster license up to 100 GT. The idea to combine kiteboarding and sailing arised end of last year. Kite & cruise project was launched early 2019 and first trip was organized in May.