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23 Aug. 2017

The spot is magical. a place where you want to go back to. since the wind conditions are quite tricky (very gusty at times) you are better off as an experienced rider. The guys from the surf club are doing a great job. The rescue boat is an assset to the spot which can make the less experienced riders much more comfortable.

01 Sep. 2019

After finishing our trip I am writing this to lay out the facts of what has been in our opinion a very POOR EXPERIENCE, due to many different factors and a lack of communication and transparency between, clients, travel agency and charter company. We bought a kitesurf trip, which said the charter boat would leave port on Saturday morning and that we would need to sleep near the marine the last night but never in port. What we got was a trip that started late on Saturday afternoon (around 6pm) and that ended on Friday afternoon as the boat had to sleep in the port that night. All this was negociated with who by the way messed our reservation and a week before departing said cleaning and cook (with meals) were not included, having all the initial emails with everything that was included (cook, cleaning service and meals). After some back and forth the final out come was that we needed to pay our food and they would assume the cook and cleaning. The catamaran they sell you is for 8 clients (ie. 4 double cabins with a toilet), we were only 6 so we had a spare room which we paid for. Our surprise was that if that spare room hadn’t been there the crew would had to sleep in the sofa and share the bathroom with clients, not a problem for us, but just a kinds heads-up as this is not the description we received of the boat, or they gave us a smaller boat charging us for the bigger boat. Regarding kitesurf when we search in the internet there where many different options of charters. Although yours was more expensive we decided to go with you as you offered a kite cruise which made us think the crew would have experience on how a kite is launched and information on kite spots apart from those we all know. Our surprise came when we saw not only the captain didn’t know anything about kiting but he stated it was too dangerous to pick up the kites from the sea with the dinghy and that we should never do it again. To continue with this captain (Socrates) needs to be said he would wake up late in the morning and would even miss the departing times he himself had establish (ie he said we would leave at 9 and he woke up at 10.30). The main problem with the captain came when we reached to Paros. After scouting the area he kindly asked where we would like to “park” the boat, after commenting with him we headed towards the place and even before we had stopped, we suggested moving the boat 100meters up wind and that’s when he exploded. Out of nowhere, he started screaming to the women in the boat. We made it clear to him that under no circumstances was he going to scream like that to no one in the boat. He went down to his room, packed his things and left with a jet ski that was near the boat. This happen at some time around 3pm on Monday. After talking with the central offices and looking for a solution (we offered to get a refund and leave things as they were) the new captain arrived Tuesday at around 11.00 am. Things with the new Captain went well, a reasonable man that explain in advance what the possibilities were and he sticked to the plan. The cook was no good either. She prepared breakfast, lunch and dinner but it was more often than not that we had to clean it as it would remain there long after we had finished. She did no cleaning in the catamaran what so ever, it was the second captain who did some cleaning in the kitchen and in the boat itself. In all this was a very poor experience that started bad and ended bad, completely ruined our kite holidays. We offered several times to cancel get the proportion of our many back, but you insisted repeatedly and got what you wanted. We blame for this horrible service: 1. Bstoked, for selling something they don’t control, they offered us one more day which apparently is completely impossible as per the yachting agency. Secondly for not assuming their mistake when boking a product with us and charging us the full price of their mistake 2. The yachting agency, for having a crew person like Socrates who not only was lazy but very rude 3. The two middle men(Ilias and Dessi) who basically put kiters together with a yachting company who knows nothing about kitesurf and makes them responsible for all the kiting logistics a trip like this has, and of course receiving a commission.


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