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01 Jan. 2017

Excellent trip

29 Dec. 2016

20 Nov. 2017

Another super trip from a return customer. I consider there to be 5 different kite spots on this trip. At Libagao there is the front area with offshore winds and on the west side is a sheltered lagoon with onshore winds. The 3rd spot is the downwinder to Nagubat island, the 4th spot is the upwind lagoon of Nagubat, and the 5th spot is my favourite which is the sandbar at Nagubat where the wind blows directly offshore. All spots are safe and not rocky, the water is crystal clear. The accommodation on the boat is excellent and I slept well each night. There are cabins to sleep in or the option of sleeping on deck under the stars if you wish. The host Kareem has been coming to these spots for years and knows the right conditions. Often when there is no wind in Boracay, there will be >20 knots at Libagao and Nagubat. Kareem has an excellent crew with the experienced sailor Eddie, and Mike who will provide excellent tasty and healthy meals to ensure you have enough energy to kite all day. Eddie will look after you if you need any rescues by dinghy and will assist with kite setup on the beach. For 2 years in a row when there was no wind in Boracay I had days with over 20 knots on this trip. Highly recommended, a genuine 5 star experience.

21 Jan. 2018

Boat & Facilities The catamaran was great. Cabin was the perfect size, with enough space for 2 people, airconditioning and a fan. Kareem (the skipper) has had the main cabin decked out with a large flat screen TV with video games and some awesome kitesurfing videos. Loud speakers outside set the mood as everyone was waking up and as everyone was getting back on board. There is a kitchen and another main bathroom used by everyone. Cabin Crew Kareem, Mike and Eddie were 50% of the awesomeness of our trip. The crew were very friendly and extremely helpful. They go out of their way to accommodate, even beyond filipino hospitality. Kareem had a drone flying around, capturing some cool footage which made its way into our brilliant trip video. The crew showed great experience during the sailing segments, they definitely knew what they were doing and knew the entire area for what seemed like for decades. Thank you Eddie for taking care of everyone and the constant ferrying back and forth from the beach! Food Breakfast probably best meal of the day. Portions are ok but might fall short satisfying the big eaters. Very tasty and each meal gets better and better. They can cater to food allergies and intolerances. Special thanks to Mike for the incredible meals he prepared. Each meal blew our minds. There was a lot of variety from different cuisines Kite Spots We visited a total of 3 spots. Libagao (the first) was not that great with a lot of gusts. We did a downwinder from there to the neighbouring Nagubat Island, which was extremely choppy though the destination was very rewarding. Flat sand bar so option of both onshore and offshore. The third and final spot gets the cake, best spot we've ever been to. Small sand bar in the middle of nowhere, probably 1km by 500m. You can kite circles around the island to get all kinds of wind configurations. Added bonus seeing marine life! Kiting into the sunset was something out of a movie. Overall great wind (we went end of December) averaging 22-27 knots most of the time, with an odd day out with 12-17 knots. Overall We would do this again! We met some great people and made some new friends! Kareem runs this as his passion project so the whole experience was very warm and custom tailored to us. If you’ve ever considered kiting in the Philippines, don’t bother with anything else other than this.

28 Dec. 2018

amazing trip! The kiteboarding spots where unique - i would definitely do it again !

19 Jan. 2019

Amazing experience! Kareem and his crew (mike and eddy) created the best kiting experience in the tropics. Tropical island, flat water due to sand banks, consistent wind (25-30knt) and great food and cold beer to finish your sessions. Highly recommendable!


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