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The resort is located right on the shore facing the lagoon, and overlooking the kitesurf action. You'll enjoy this newly charted spot still preserved from the crowd. The sandy lagoon is stretching over 2km with shallow and flat waters. This specific area guaranteeing winds consistency.
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Beach is large offering a lot of space to safely launch and land. Small kickers at high tide and glassy water at low tide you will never get bored of the sessions. Ideal spot whatever your level is from beginners to experienced riders who wants to push their limits with big air jumps and unhooked tricks. Jeneponto benefits from its strategic location with mountains compression and tip effect that both speed up the trade winds. This specific area experiences also a very long dry season guaranteeing winds consistency, only disturbed by moon changes. Wind blows side-on from April to October with peak season at 25-35 knots. Usually the wind starts in the morning till dusk, making the nights with comfortable temperatures. The kite size most used is 8m for riders 80-85kg Due to these tremendous wind statistics 42 wind turbines have been set up to become the biggest Asia-Pacific independent wind farms and helping to boost green energy for the country. The kite center is equipped with F-ONE kites and boards, and MANERA harnesses and safety accessories. F-ONE is a worldwide leading brand with a reputation of performance, quality and safety. We propose mostly the BANDIT model that is suitable for all levels from beginners to experienced riders. Kitesurf gears are regularly checked for your safety and renewed to benefits from the latest innovations. Sizes available from 4m to 13m

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Sulawesi, formerly known as Celebes is one of the 5 main Indonesian islands (with Java, Sumatra, Borneo, Papua) and the 11th-largest island worldwide. Jeneponto experiences a very long dry season from April to November when the wind blows non-stop. As a result, despite large fertile soils, crops can be grown only during a short window of 3-4 months from December to March, watered by the wet monsoon. Facing these difficult conditions, during the dry season, Mallasoro residents are mostly seaweed farmers who diversify their activities from salt production. Untouched by tourism, we encourage you to ride a bike or a SUP to go meet people and consume their local products along the way … it will be much appreciated by Jeneponto people.

The Experience

Exclusive and charming resort right on the shore. Jump from your bed onto the kitespot. Enjoy endless rides beside your comfy nest and your beloved ones. An authentic and unique indonesian experience.


Buildings are all hand-made by artisans of the surrounding villages using local materials from Sulawesi itself. All bungalows are made of “biti” and “jati”, indigenous species of wood from South-Sulawesi, famous for being used to build Indonesian traditional two-mast sailing ship called “phinisi” by the Konjo tribe. These boats are now widely spread among Indonesian archipelago and were awarded of “Masterpiece of Oral and Intangible Heritage” by UNESCO in 2017. All constructions are built in pure Indonesian style called “Joglo” with a very specific roof shape aimed to keep temperature cooler and using traditional “genteng” tiles. You will find also a touch of Batik fabrics – “Batik” is a technique of wax-resist dyeing applied on cloth giving the famous traditional pattern used in Indonesia. Each big island has its own specific pattern. Furniture are made of teak wood first quality from Sulawesi and Java.
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