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The perfect kitesurf destination for European summertime. For many years Lefkada (Greece) offers us great wind and kitesurf conditions and next to that it is an amazing place as a holiday destination. With several spots it offers great variety and many other no-wind activities next to kiting.
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There are several kite spots in short (walk and drive) distance from our guesthouse in Lefkada; The Lagoon/ The Church/ Wooden Bridge/ Milos Beach. It's possible to kite in your boardshort or bikini on all these spots, what else do we need on holiday? - The Lagoon offers great steady winds and butter-flat waters, which is perfect to train your next tricks. Also there are several kiteschools and bars in the Lagoon to break up your sessions during the day. - The Church is our personal favourite as it offers turquoise blue water, white sand and flat/ shallow water. What else do you want!?! The church is only accessible via Wooden Bridge Beach. The kite spot is very remote and it is a perfect place for downwinders. - Wooden Bridge is the kite spot where we'll kite most of the time. During June, July and August this flatwater spot is a true kitesurf heaven. It is only accessible via a wooden bridge, hence the name. Wooden Bridge offers crystal clear blue water, where you can stand almost anywhere. It is a safe place to kite with sideshore winds and offers a large beach to launch safely. A true paradise for every level! - Milos Beach is the most advanced beach. Because of a steep mountain the wind accelerates and creates a strong westerly wind. There's a small beach with some waves and the water gets immediately deep.

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The Destination

Lefkada offers great wind conditions with a good mistral wind that always starts around 13:00 and continues until sunset. Do you want to spend as much time as possible on the water and kite till the sunsets.. it's all possible in Lefkada. The wind is usually between 15-25 knots, with an air temperature of 28-33 degrees and a water temperature of 25 degrees. With a handful of different spots on a short distance, it is a perfect kitesurf holiday location to visit several amazing spots to kite in your bikini or boardshorts. Progress and learn new different tricks and increase your skill level in an astonishing location. Lefkada is known for its pure and crystal clear waters with an amazing landscape. People tend to spend a great portion of their holidays here. Enjoying the green environment, get to know the hospitable locals and to discover the traditional settlements in the mountains.

The Experience

You will stay in our very nice, small hotel with its own swimming pool and minibar. The hotel is run by our team and the owner Aris who also has a nice kite surfing school. At our camp, the ingredients of eat - sleep - kite and REPEAT are correct. This means a good bed, good food, fantastic sessions and we do this every day again :). The rooms are equipped with air conditioning and all conveniences. If you wake up after a great night, you will decide where you want to kite. Around 13:00 the wind starts picking up between 15-25 knots. While kiting in your boardshorts between beautiful green scenery you'll be able to break down your session with a lunch at the spot and continue kiting till the sunsets. If you are enthusiastic and looking for a buzzing night with your kite buddies, you'll be able to find this in the bustling center of Lefkada.

Next to the kiting and partying there's also a possibility to spice up your holiday with a mountainbiking tour/ paragliding adventure or sailing experience.

To summarize; everything is possible in our guesthouse in Lefkada.


The nightlife in Lefkada is buzzing. With an amazing barstreet that offers many different bars, a successful evening is always guaranteed. A few nights a week we will go here by taxi and enjoy a number of drinks. Of course, it is not a mandatory but it is very pleasant (we know from our own experience)! There are countless wonderful, local restaurants and bars. Enjoy the local fish or the local drink in one of the bars. Food and drink is top notch here!


In and around Lefkada you have wonderful mountainbiking trails along steep cliffs with beautiful green sceneries. There are many different biking routes and if there's no wind, then this is a great no-wind activity.


It is possible, along the steep cliffs, to paraglide. This is already possible with much less wind and it is a really cool activity!


Lefkada is the epicentre of sailing. Because of this, Lefkada also offers great variety and endless possibilities to sail in and around this stunning environment. Also, for sailing we need much less wind compared to kiting, which is a great alternative if the wind is too light.


Our Hotel, Kleopatra, is a very nice, small hotel with its own swimming pool and minibar. The hotel is run by our team and the owner Aris. Aris also owns a great kitesurfing school. The rooms are simple, but fully equipped. This means a good bed, good food, fantastic sessions and we do this every day again :). The rooms are equipped with air conditioning and all conveniences. The breakfast that we offer is continental and is included in the price.
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