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Kite villa directly on the endless sandy beach and flatwater-lagoons nearby. With 5 rooms we create a family & friends atmosphere. We have a testpool with kites and boards from Slingshot, certified kite instructors and 2 beach-buggy's to kite in different spots every day.
Kitesurf conditions

Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Wind: Moderate

Spot: Shallow, Flat, Small waves, Big waves, Choppy

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Lessons or coaching

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Walking distance to spot

Wind is very stable side-on-shore with 25-35kn every day. A huge sandy stretch and inland creating a strong thermal effect. Ocean with nice 1-2m waves at high tide and choppy flatwater at low tide. Usually the area in front of the kite-villa (+/- 3km) is empty with no other kitesurfers, except for eventual downwinder-groups, and our own guests from 5 rooms in total. One kitelagoon with shallow water and flatwater in the vincinity, and a second kitelagoon at a river mouth which can be kitesurfed at high-tide. Wetsuit is not needed, but a lycra against the sun makes much sense.

Trip characteristics

Accommodation: House

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Suitable for: Solo traveler, Group, Family

German English Polish

Ambience: Relaxed

Experience Type: Collective

Food: Breakfast

The Destination

Our kite villa is located directly on the endless sandy beach south of Guajiru offering strong, stable winds and (depending on the tide) nice waves or flat-water.

The Experience

The idea for the Kite villa in Guajiru developed during an extended downwinder last year, where we visited many different places. We chose the nicest, and fortunately still quite undiscovered place, and organize our Kitelounge with the best of the experiences that we had last year.

With our own beachbuggys we are aiming everyday to the best kite-spots around, to the lagoon with hip-deep flatwater or we do downwinders along the 30kms from Lagoinha to Mundau, or we simply kite directly in front of our house.

We have a testpool with the newest kites and boards from Slingshot, and we are offering courses for beginners or advanced.

Friendly atmosphere, good food, and the best-of-setting will leave unforgettable memories from your Brazil Dream.


Our kite-villa has 5 bedrooms with own bathrooms. We have a pool and direct and immediate access to the ocean. Breakfast is included. For lunch we will make trips or stops at beach-restaurants nearby for a fresh acai-bowl of fish. For dinner we will jointly drive to a restaurant, or we will have a cook at our place.

Double room

Walking distance to spot



Included services
Food: Breakfast
Beach buggy trips to various spots
Slingshot testpool with boards and kites
Extra expenses
Lunch, dinner, and drinks.


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From: Rostock
Member since: August 2017