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Tucked away on the northwest coast, Salinas Bay is the little patch of paradise that we call home. With a season that runs from November to May, this villa is perfectly positioned to make the most of the strong winds and gentle waves - ideal for beginners and intermediate kiters.
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Salinas Bay is an enclosed bay on the northwest coast, very close to the Nicaraguan border. The season runs from October-May, but peaks between December and March when the wind blows side onshore at an average of 18-23 knots. The most common kite size during the high season is 8m. Stretching 2km along the coast, the beach is a mix of sand and small rocks . The beach and the water are free from crowds and boats, which makes it ideal for beginners. The water is mostly flat with some gentle waves, but during strong wind days the water nearest to the beach becomes a little bit choppy. The bay is protected by an outer reef, which creates a wonderful balance of water conditions. Wave riders can seek out the perfect curls forming off the edge of the reef, while wake-style riders and flat water lovers can stay around the lagoon. Both the air and water temperatures stay warm all year round, so you won't necessarily need a wetsuit (although some do choose to wear a shorty on cooler days). Average air temperatures linger around 26-29 degrees Celcius (79-84 Fahrenheit) and water temperatures tend to stay around 28 degrees Celcius (82 Fahrenheit). Should you wish to wear a wetsuit, we have them available for rent at the school.

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Typical Pickup: Costa Kite, El jobo, Guanacaste Province, Costa Rica
Suitable for: Solo traveler, Group, Family, Couple
Ambience: Relaxed
Experience Type: Private

The Destination

Apart from being the windiest spot in Central America, Costa Rica is a country brimming with natural beauty, vibrant culture, and outdoor adventure. It's known locally as the "Switzerland of Central America", thanks to its towering mountains and gorgeous natural vistas- but in reality, Costa Rica is a place unlike any other. Nearly a quarter of the entire country is made up of protected jungle, which plays no small part in contributing to the nation's biodiversity. Big cats, monkeys, and tree frogs live in the Costa Rican rainforest (Santa Rosa National Park is the closest to Salinas Bay), but head to the coast and you'll soon find out where the real magic lies. With one shore touching the Pacific and another the Carribean Sea, the waters here are filled with humpbacks, orcas, manta rays, and sea turtles. Who knows, you might even end up sharing your session with a pod of dolphins! Salinas Bay is Costa Rica's top kiteboarding destination, and sits nearly 4 hours away from the nation's raucous capital, San Jose. The nearest town, La Cruz, is a rather low-key city with a population just shy of 20,000. Set on a mountain plateau, La Cruz is the main gateway not only to Salinas Bay but also to Penas Blancas- the main border crossing to Nicaragua. The town itself boasts a handful of local markets and mom n' pop shops, as well as some historical relics such as the Santa Rosa Fort.

The Experience

The Costa Kite villa is perfectly positioned to make the most of the incredible kiteboarding conditions that Salinas Bay enjoys. A long high season with consistent wind means most of our days are spent with a bar in our hands and a board under our feet. Our IKO certified school provides full instruction, lessons, gear rental, and kite trips to some of the nearby 'hidden gems'. Best of all, even when you're off the water the vibrant local lifestyle and stunning natural surroundings are more than enough to keep you on your toes.


Our main goal is to have all of our customers out enjoying themselves on the water. To this end, we provide full coaching and instruction for kiteboarders of all levels- from total beginners to the more experienced riders. To ensure that every customer's experience is as safe and trustworthy as possible, we ensure all of our instructors are IKO certified.

We have a wide range of courses and instruction available, starting from a single 3-hour lesson and ranging all the way up to our all-inclusive "Zero to Hero" package. Both private and group courses are available, depending on the size of your group and how you feel most comfortable learning. If you're a total beginner, the learning process will begin with basic kite flying skills, then kite control, safety, and eventually water starts and board control. For independent riders, we offer gear rentals and full support from our team of instructors.


Apart from our beautiful home spot in Salinas Bay, we also frequently visit our favorite "secret spot" just across the border in Nicaragua. We offer day trips as well as overnight stays (1 or 2 nights). A member of our team will pick you up at Salinas Bay early in the morning before traveling across the border. We'll arrive at the spot in Nicaragua by 9 am, so we'll have a whole day of kiting ahead of us. Not only is this an amazing chance to discover a new kite spot, but it's also an opportunity to experience a whole new adventure in another country.

Stand Up Paddle

Apart from kiting, there are tons of activities on offer to keep everybody entertained. We have SUP boards up for grabs for anybody who fancies the chance to head out for a paddle and enjoy some relaxing time on the water. With all of the incredible marine life living just underneath the surface, who knows what you might see! Custom lessons are available for any beginners who prefer to have some guidance until they get their confidence levels up.


We also offer daily Pilates lessons and Pilates on SUP lessons

Getting There

There are two international airports close to Salinas Bay: the International Airport Juan Santamaria (SJO) in San Jose (which is a 5-hour drive away) and the International Airport Daniel Oduber Quiros (LIR) in Liberia (which is just over an hour away). For the sake of convenience, we recommend flying into LIR if possible.

From San Jose, take a taxi from the airport to the bus station, then hop on the Deldu bus to La Cruz. The journey should take around 6 hours. Once you've arrived in La Cruz, take the public bus to Bahia Salinas, which is just 15 km away.

From Liberia, take a taxi from the airport into the town (10 km away), and then catch the bus to La Cruz (which is a 60 km journey). The bus leaves approximately every 45 minutes. From La Cruz, take the public bus to Bahia Salinas.


We know how important it is to find a place to stay that fits your needs. So, to ensure everyone's stay is as comfortable as possible, we have a range of accommodation options available at our Resort- all of which are right on the beach to the beach. Choose between a dorm or a private double or triple rooms.
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