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Our unique space of 9000sqm is directly in front of the main lagoon in Kalpitiya. Our local team has created the surroundings to make it feel personalized. We are able to host up to sixteen people comfortably. We want to make you feel welcome and enjoy a truly special Sri Lanka style kiting holiday.
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Kalpitiya is without doubt one of the best kite spots in Asia when it comes to flat water and reliable wind. There are up to 14 lagoons and literally kilometres of flat water acting as the perfect playground. We have direct access to a kiters paradise that suits both beginner and advanced riders alike. The stronger trade winds blow from May until the end of September and we offer students a very safe and ideal place to learn. The teaching zone benefits from shallow waist high water which allows you to progress very quickly. We also operate our kite school between December and March. During the rest of the year, we close our school but have our kite rental centre open. From November to April the wind is light but if you have larger kite sizes you will still be able to kite in the flatter water. As it’s whale and dolphin season you might also get the chance to kite alongside these wonderful creatures. We have a live windGURU in front of the gate : You need to add around 3 to 9 knots depending on where the wind is coming from. In case wind is coming from the SW, then you need to add 7-9 knots. If the wind is from NW, add 3 to 5 knots.

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Typical Pickup: Puttalam, Sri Lanka
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Suitable for: Solo traveler, Group, Family, Non-rider
Ambience: Wilderness, Relaxed
Experience Type: Private
Food: Full board
Available Options: Vegetarian

The Destination

You can fly direct from anywhere in Europe to Colombo international airport. Once there take a taxi north for 140km and you’ll arrive at the idyllic Kalpitiya which you can enjoy all year round. Kalpitiya is also home to Sri Lanka’s biggest national park and there are an impressive array of things to do unlike anywhere else. There are activities such as learning to cook Sri Lankan food, collecting mussels, and going on a variety of safaris. If you would like to be more active then there’s mountain biking, horse riding, diving or stand up paddling to enjoy. During the kiting season, Kalpitiya also offers unique nightlife with parties to meet others and chill while sipping cold beers. The cultural triangle of Sri Lanka is only 120 mins away, allowing you easily accessible day trips to most of the most famous hot spots in the country.

The Experience

Set amid Sri Lankan art, our space is designed to be as sustainable as possible and one that also empowers locals. 90% of the meals we serve are typically Sri Lankan, cooked on an open fire stove or pizza oven, with firewood collected from our own coconut plantation.

We are conscious of our footprint on mother earth and always try to ‘Reduce, Recycle and Reuse’.


All staff at our kite school work according to the standards of the VDWS (international kitesurfing association) and the school is equipped with the latest equipment from CORE and Crazyfly kites. To ensure the highest safety standards, impact/floating vests and helmets are included in every beginner lesson and are also available for rent.

During the winter season we are proud to be the only kite school able to teach right in front of the gate. The teaching conditions are just perfect with plenty of room, shallow water and constant side shore wind. We offer personalised training, where students can set individual targets and we’ll make sure their needs are catered for.

Other Activities - part I

When ever there is no wind, the best thing to do is get a book and find a nice and comfy place within our village and read. Shutdown, disconnect from the whole world. But in case you have done this already and now you don't know what to do, we can still help you. Below you can find a list of things which can be done, irrespective where you are staying in Kalpitiya and season. There are a list of day trips that we recommend as well. This list is apart from the day trips, what a person can do in Kalpitiya itself.

  • Yoga in the morning and in the evening (seasonal) - Most of the time we have a yogi who spends few weeks with us during the season. Most of the time these are individuals discovering the world and who has opted to offer their knowledge and passion to others for free. We are so happy to have the chance to host these travelers. Individuals who sacrifice their time to make the world a better place. Enjoy a yoga session with these amazing yogis from all around the globe.

  • Elephant tree visit - one of the oldest trees in the close vicinity of Kalpitiya : Bio-Bab tree. This tree is supposed to be 700 years of age. And seems to have been brought by the Arab dwellers who came to Sri lanka. These dwellers had goats with them and goats are in love with the leaves of this tree. there is also a baby tree right behind this one. The ride to the "Elephant tree takes around 30mins by boat and it is an area where there is no civilization. It is bordering Willpattu national park

  • Collect Mussels for Dinner - Just grab a clay pot or a bucket and ask one of the locals to show you how this is done. This brings back childhood memories. Just don't think about anything and just collect those delicious mussels. The kitchen team of Ruuk Village would prepare it for you for either Lunch or dinner

  • learn how to make your own virgin coconut oil - The fact that we are living within a coconut plantation allows us to take advantage. You can experience the complete process of making coconut-oil. Take part in the process actively. This is how our grand mothers won oil for cooking and frying of food. Enjoy the healthy coconut water during the process.

  • Learn to prepare curry powder / cook your own curry - We never purchase ready made curry powders from the shops. Most of the available products areof low quality. We purchase our the ingredients for spice mixes. Wash them to clean them of dust and other unwanted stuff. Dry it in the natural sun light. Then we mix them the way we want. The kitchen ladies have been mixing curry powders since they were young girls. You can inform the team when you would like to take part in a cooking session. Learn how to cook and prepare a meal with 3 dishes. Then you can also purchase a mix of roasted curry powder and a non-roasted curry powder.

Other Activities - part II
  • Visit the Buddhist temple in Anamaduwa - During a Sunday the best no wind activity that you can do is to get the local team to organize a vehicle for you to visit the temple. Experience how the locals spend their Sunday in a temple. Enjoy the scenic view from the top of the Temple rock.

  • Do you like to experience the fishermen coming back from their days catch - around 16:00hrs, except on Sundays you can experience how the fishermen come back to the small fishing harbor next to our place. Just take stroll to the jetty with your camera.

  • Visit the main fishing harbor in Kalpitiya - take your camera and avoid the mid day sun ( during 12hrs - 15hrs) take a TukTuk or a walk to Kalpitiya town center. Have the TukTuk driver to also take you around the small fishermen houses around the harbor. Make sure you have appropriate clothing. Kalpitiya is a laid back village and consists of Muslims , Christians , Hindu and buddhists.

  • Play volleyball with the local team - Volleyball is a national sport and played all over the country. Most of the school kids choose volleyball as the sport during their school days. the local team loves to play a game of volleyball with you. And you can learn one or the other trick from them, or maybe its the other way around. what every it is, you will enjoy playing a game with the local team.

  • Learn how to make Kottu-Rotti - Most famous street food in Sri Lanka. this can be compared how the birth of pizza. the birth place ( geographically ) is not that clear. But Sri Lankans believe it was a Sri Lankan discovery. the fact is, that no one else in Asia has this art of street food. With us, you can learn how it is made.

The Team

Apart from our local crew, we have Daniel Kreisel who is responsible for all kite services including the school. Daniel is a well known kiter from Germany who made his kitesurfing passion become his life.

Getting There

There are three possible ways to get to Kalpitiya from Colombo airport:

  1. The most comfortable and fastest way is by car / taxi which takes around 3 hours depending on traffic (at a cost of around 75US$ / 69€). It is best that we organise this for you to ensure the driver finds our location.

  2. By bus. This can take up about 5 hours or even longer and you will need to change buses which can be challenging with luggage.

  3. By train. This is a fun and adventurous method but when you are tired after your flight it is not ideal. The journey can take about 4 hours and you will need to get off the train at ‘Palavi Junction’. Once there take a Tuk Tuk or a Bus further up to Kalpitiya.


Our cabanas are spread throughout a lovely coconut plantation allowing you enough space and tranquillity. They are built in traditional style using natural resources from around the area. The beds are also made out of palmyra tree trunks and wood. If you prefer a truly unique experience then why not stay in our Volkswagen Caravan ( a T2 / Bully) where during the day you’ll receive solar powered electricity too. Prices (prices per person with full board) - Volkswagen caravan : double occupancy 29€ / single occupancy 34€ - Standard cabana : double occupancy 42€ / single occupancy 48€ - Ensuite Cabana with private open air bathroom: double occupancy 56€ / single occupancy 71€ All displayed prices refer to double occupancy!
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