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As if adventure activities, tasty food, cheap beer, and glorious tropical sunshine weren't enough to have you packing your bags, you can now experience the bona fide kite life one of Asia's most renowned windy hubs, with support from a team of IKO certified instructors.
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Known for its strong wind and reliable kitesurfing season, Mui Ne has long held a reputation as one of Asia's premiere kiteboarding destinations. The high season runs from November until April (peaking between December and January) during which time you can expect to have 18-25 knots on 80% of days. The northeast wind build during the late morning and fills in with force in the afternoon- so beginners may find the conditions easier to manage earlier on in the day. During the summer months it's still possible to kite in the southwest winds, but travelers should note that the consistency of windy days is much harder to predict from May-October. Mui Ne's water conditions are choppy, with small waves breaking at the beach (some of which can be quite big following on front a storm front). Twin tips are ideal for beginners and freeriders looking to advance their skills, and Mui Ne's natural kickers are great fun to play around in and boost off of- especially if you're into your old school freestyle. There's also plenty of opportunity for surf board riding, thanks to the moderate beach break. During the high season, the most common kite sizes are 7s, 9s and 12s for average sized riders. Both the water and air temperatures remain warm throughout the year, so you won't need a wetsuit. However, the sun in Vietnam is really strong, so you should consider wearing a rash vest with sleeves (as well as high protection sun cream), water shades, or a hat.

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Typical Pickup: Hàm Tiến, Phan Thiet, Bình Thuận Province, Vietnam
Suitable for: Solo traveler, Group, Family, Couple, Non-rider
Ambience: Relaxed, Lively Bars
Experience Type: Private

The Destination

For more than a decade, Mui Ne has been a thriving scene of kitesurfing, windsurfing, surfing, and backpacking like no other in Vietnam. The single street that runs along the beach road is the epicenter of activity in Mui Ne, lined with beach bars, local and international restaurants, souvenir shops, and mom n' pop essential corner stores. During the day, the town itself is fairly quiet, with most of the residents taking shelter from the midday swelter or heading to the beach to make the most of the wind. By night, the town comes alive with locals and tourists alike who come together to enjoy some good food, cheap draft beer, and swap stories with the international kite tribe who have come to gather in the town.

The Experience

The C2Sky crew is made up of kiteboarders from all over the world. They've kited everywhere- from Cape Town to Cam Ranh, Holland to Hood River- and yet they all agree, Mui Ne is the place they want to be. They're always keen to share their stoke for their spot with everyone who comes to visit- so for guests at the club, that means seeing, eating, drinking, dancing, surfing, and kiting the very best of what Mui Ne has to offer.

Lessons & Coaching

Whether you're a total kitesurfing newbie or a well-seasoned board rider, the team of qualified instructors are available to teach a range of levels and course types; it all depends on your own needs. Lessons and courses can be tailored to suit your experience level, your time constraints, and any other wishes you might have. All instructors are certified by the International Kiteboarding Organization (IKO).

Sightseeing, Culture, and Local Vibes

Vietnam's culture is both fascinating and wonderfully unique. This, combined with its wild natural surroundings, make Mui Ne a place worthy of some serious hands-on exploration. Head north of the town to the rusty Red Sand Dunes or further still to the White Sand Dunes, where you can climb up to the top of the tallest drift and enjoy panoramic views of the surrounding plains, lake, and coastline. Explore the traditional fishing village just 10 kilometers up the road from the kite beach, where you can buy the catch of the day fresh off the boat and exchange smiles and handshakes with the local fishermen. At night, hit the local restaurants with the rest of the kite crew and sample some of Mui Ne's traditional eats- then head over to the beach bar for a couple of cocktails and enjoy some laid-back beats.

Stand-up Paddle Excursions

Thanks to Mui Ne's reliable kitesurfing season, visitors rarely get disappointed when it comes to the wind. However, there's always the chance a no-wind day will strike, and if it does you want to know that there are some cool non-kiting water activities for you to get stuck into. Thankfully, the club is kitted out with a fleet of brand new SUP boards, which are available on request to take out for a tour of the local fishing village- which is a really cool way to soak in the sights of Mui Ne from a different point of view.

Getting There

Mui Ne is located 4 hours away from South Vietnam's main airport in Ho Chi Minh City. From there, travelers can either take a bus (sleeper bus, air conditioned, sometimes with wifi), a train, or a private vehicle- which we can book for you upon request.


One thing we love about Mui Ne is that even though it's a fairly small town in rural Vietnam, there are absolutely oodles of options in the way of guesthouses, resorts, and hotels. It can be a wee bit overwhelming to look at the entire list of them (especially when you consider that a lot of the 'hidden gems' aren't even listed online), so we've trawled through the lot of them and picked out the best of the best. With one budget/mid-range option and one luxury, we reckon these two places cover most bases for the average traveler- and the best part is, both of them are super close to the kite beach!.
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