Vietnam is Asia’s hotspot for kiteboarding, with reliable wind 70% of the year. Experience riding conditions for all styles with small-big waves and tidal lagoons with butter flat water. The wind is light wind every morning, perfect for beginners and foilers and then picks up in the afternoons for intermediate and advanced riders. Enjoy a tropical paradise with beachfront accommodations, long, sandy beaches and a variety of restaurants and bars. Kite all day and party all night- Vietnam is the perfect place to meet other travellers and kiteboarders.


Skill: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Wind: Moderate, Strong
Spot conditions: Flat, Small waves, Big waves, Choppy
Suitable for: Non-rider, Family, Solo traveler, Group, Couple
Ambience: Wilderness, Relaxed, Lively Bars

Pros and Cons

+ Reliable wind
+ Great community of kiters
+ No wetsuit needed
+ Inexpensive
- Dangerous roads
- Mui Ne is pretty crowded

What you Need to Know About Kitesurfing in Vietnam

There are two seasons: summer (May-October) and winter (end of October-March). The winter winds are northerly are very strong- the most common kite sizes being 7m-10m. The wind begins light in the morning and as the thermal effect kicks in the wind become stronger in the afternoon. The summer winds blow from the south. The southerly winds are also very consistent though not very strong- kite sizes in summer ary between 10m-14m. The weather is hot so no wetsuit is needed although a rash guard is recommended in the winter as the strong winds can be chilly.

Discover amazing spots along the Vietnamese coast and islands. Mui Ne is the go-to kiteboarding spot in all of Asia with a large kiteboarding community and great wind. You will find the best waves at Malibu Beach, about 7km from Mui Ne. Other places worth checking out include Phan Rang (about 3 hours from Mui Ne) and Phu Quy Island which is considered one of the windiest places on the globe. Here you will find incredible wind, amazing waves, a flat water lagoon and way less people!

Kite Camps in Vietnam

Explore off the beaten path to Phu Quy Island which is made up of 10 smaller islands- a true kiteboarding playground. On this island you can join an all inclusive beginner kite camp or an advanced/wave camp. This is the perfect opportunity to progress your skills, meet new people and discover a place undiscovered by most. If you like to be with the crowds and in on the party- Mui Ne is the place for you. Join in on an intensive 7 or 14 day kite camp with options for beginners, freeride, freestyle or waves! You always have the possibility to go on a day trip to other Spots around Mui Ne.

Accommodations in Vietnam

A variety of accommodation options are available for different budgets and styles. You can stay in a small guest house for as little as $7 per day. Hostels are available for solo travellers as well as campgrounds, villas and 5 star hotels. If you are not staying at a Hotel directly at the Beach front of the Kitesurf Spot you may need to pay some fees to one of the kite stations. It only cost a few EUR and mostly you can store your gear there.

Vietnam for Beginners

With reliable and consistent winds, Vietnam is a good places to learn kiteboarding. Nonetheless especially in Mui Ne you will find deep water, some smaller waves and a shorebreak, it is not the easiest way to learn. The mornings are the perfect time for beginners while the wind is still light, the water is still flat and advanced kiters are waiting for the "real" wind. The afternoon winds in the winter season can become overwhelming for learning.

What Make Kitesurfing in Vietnam Special

The two different wind seasons with different wind directions make Vietnam kiteable almost the whole year. The winter season brings flocks of Europeans and Australians to enjoy the strong winds and variety of riding conditions. Foilers take advantage of the light early morning winds and thrive over the summer months when the winds stay light and the water is less busy. Freestylers and freeriders love the strong afternoon winds throwing huge tricks and big airs. Vietnam is an inexpensive, tropical paradise- perfect for escaping the European winter.

Infrastructure in Vietnam

Renting scooters or motorcycles is a popular mode of transportation for travellers in Vietnam but with loads of kite gear it is not always possible. Private cars can get you from the airport to Mui Ne though that can get quite expensive. The best way to get around is by bus or train- not always the most comfortable option but always the cheapest! You can access Phu Quy Island by boat. Kite camps on the island include gear so no need to bring your own, meals are also included. On the island you will find any infrastructure you may need including a hospital, ATM’s and shops. In general the infrastructure in Vietnam is good with restaurants, hotels, markets and more. Rental kite gear is available in Mui Ne and Phan Rang. Sometimes you can run into trouble getting your gear on buses and trains so it can be worth it to rent depending on the length of your trip.

Travel, Nightlife and Other Activities

You will find lively bars, clubs and nightlife in Mui Ne and Phan Rang. Phu Quy Island is a perfect place to enjoy breathtaking sunsets and untouched nature. Other activities include visiting the local markets, checking out the red sand dunes, SUPing, surfing, visiting Ta Cu Mountain or the Van Thuy Tu Temple and much more!

Kitesurf Spots