Home to both the windy Canary Islands and kitesurfing mecca Tarifa, Spain is so much more than sun and sangria. What with a year round 60-80% wind probability and a mixture of spots for all styles and abilities, Spain has something to offer for everyone, from the complete novice all the way up to the advanced rider. These conditions, paired with good infrastructure, a family friendly environment and varied après kite scene make Spain a must for kiters and non kiters alike.


Skill: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Wind: Light, Moderate, Strong
Spot conditions: Shallow, Flat, Small waves, Choppy
Suitable for: Non-rider, Family, Solo traveler, Group, Couple
Ambience: Relaxed, Lively Bars, Parties & Clubs, Luxurious, Rustic

Pros and Cons

+ Great mix of conditions
+ High wind probability
+ Lots of other things to do
+ Family friendly
+ World famous gastronomy
- Can get busy in high season
- You need a wetsuit

What you need to know about Kitesurfing in Spain

Spain lacks a definite windy season and wind is relatively reliable all year round. On the Spanish mainland, Tarifa and its surroundings are the most famous spots and are known for the strong 'Levante' and cool 'Poniente' winds that blow across the beaches attracting competitions and pro riders in their droves. If you work your way up the East coast of Spain, you will also find a sizeable selection of kiteable beaches, starting in Andalusia in the south right up to Northern Catalonia. Just like the mainland, the Canary Islands boast an impressive selection of kite beaches with the most famous being located on Fuerteventura (the clue is in the name, Fuerteventura translates almost literally to 'Strong Wind'). Sotavento with its flat water lagoon and Flag Beach with its rolling waves are just a taster of what can be discovered on this island group which is actually closer to Africa than it is to Europe. The best time to go kiting in Spain is from April to October although during high season (July-August), spots can get quite crowded. Spanish spots generally offer a good range of other activities alongside a fantastic après kite scene- from tapas on the terrace to all night fiestas.

Kite Cruises

Can't decide on just one spot? Our Canary Islands' cruise lets you take in the best of the archipelago whilst avoiding the crowds. Suitable for all levels, we take you to some of the most beautiful Canarian beaches to enjoy world class kiting at your rhythm.

Kite Camps in Spain

Our kite camps in Tarifa and Fuerteventura cater for all levels and allow every rider to get the most out of the conditions, whether it be water starting, wave riding or back rolling. Master the elements whilst you are guided to the best wind spots on Fuerteventura or go from zero to hero in Tarifa- remember what they say, if you can kite there, you can kite anywhere!

Accommodation for Kitesurfers

Enjoy your time off the beach, too. Our accommodation selection offers sun drenched hostels and houses fit for groups of kings. Whether you are travelling solo or bringing your entourage, you will find accommodation to suit you.

Spain for Kitesurf Beginners

If you are just starting out, Spain has a lot to offer. Spots invariably offer various beaches depending on wind and there are a wealth of professional and international kite schools to start you on your windy journey. You wont be alone as you make your first steps, either; such famous spots attract people from all over the world. From seasoned pros to other beginners, you will always find someone with whom you can share your experiences.

What makes Kiteboarding in Spain so special

Spain is one of Europe's top holiday destinations and it's easy to see why- good food, great weather and a relaxed, mediterranean culture are hard to beat. Mix this with great wind conditions and passionate local riders and you have everything you need for an easy to organise kitesurfing break.

Available Infrastructure

The south of Spain is just a stone's throw from most European destinations, with the Canary Islands requiring a slightly longer, but not excessive flight. Whether you choose to kite on the mainland or in the Canaries, hiring a car to have full access to a variety of spots is highly recommendable. What with Spain already being a well developed tourist destination, amenities are widely available- just inform of yourself of any local holidays before you travel as even tourist resorts can nearly shutdown on certain days of the year. If you are kiting independently then consider packing your own gear for Tarifa, as rental prices can be quite steep. Fuerteventuran rental prices tend to be more competitive and what with the limited transport options (you pretty much have to fly), it can be better to rent while you are there.

What else to Discover

Spain has an impressive array for activities for those who aren't kiting or for no wind days. Explore some local history in picturesque white villages, enjoy the scenery in unspoiled natural parks, go horse riding, surfing, mountain biking, diving or whale watching. From Tarifa there is also the opportunity to take a day trip across the Strait of Gibraltar to Morocco. Of course, if you prefer just kicking back and taking it easy then you have the choice of some of the most spectacular beaches in Europe.

Kitesurf Spots