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01 Feb. 2016

Excellent crew, very professional and taking care of any single request by everybody, even the most spoiled ones... Great kiting spots, beautiful catamaran, great and always different food... we would for sure recommend it and we will for sure travel again with them if possible!

03 Mar. 2016

We made the Catamaran Kite cruise for 12 days to St. Vincent and the Grenadines in total with 5 people plus the crew Richard and Luca. That cruise was absolutely amazing. We enjoyed our stay on the boat so much. Everything worked perfect. Captain Richard and Luca were always so helpful and friendly, and of course very funny:-) . The meals - served from Luca - were really brilliant. So there is nothing, what we missed during our boat trip. The wind was okay, we took the whole time 12 qm kites. It was an amazing experience that we will never forget. And it was not just a vacation we felt like staying with friends :-) . Also the booking and planning of the trip with Aaron from bStoked was absolutely brilliant. He had so many useful tipps and informations that helped us to organize this unforgettable trip. Thanks a lot to the whole bstoked team and specially Aaron. And for sure, if we are going to plan our next trip, we will get in touch with bstoked!

11 Jan. 2017

Hugo and Emilie Are amazing people, making the best food and help you with the kiting. They take you around in heaven, just so you can have fun. The beaches and the water are just beautiful... so it's a dream tour.

31 May. 2017

Sorry for my english, I am from Argentina, and spanish is my language. Ill try anyway. This is the kind of trip its hard to forget. Most probably you wont. Certain things I think you should know though. I hope by doing this review I can take you out any doubts from doing this trip. Things you should not do; Dont bring kids! In fact, I recommend, dont bring anyone, no matter how old is, that does not kite. Spots are amazingly beautiful, clear water, sunny days, but you will live in a boat. And the boat might turn out to be very small if you wont leave it at any time. On the contrary, if you are kiting the boat is cool. In our case, it was for all us our first experience in sleeping in a boat. And it turn out to be cool, we were very lucky with our mates, and we were all from different countries; England, Egipt, Germany, and Swiss! Very nice people! English became the language in the boat. The Captain, Hugo, very nice guy, and his girlfriend Emily, our chef, were great. Both from France, and this french people knows how to cook, probably they were born in an oven. We ate great. We had the opportunity of buying beer and wine after the airport and before getting into the port the first day, it helps a lot. The boat has 3 freezers! This is not very normal, captain told me! Your beverages will be cool enough every time you need one. Try, if you can, if you have the money, to take a plane to Union island, try to avoid the 18 trip hours from St Lucia to the Grenadines (6 hours to St Vincent + 6 hours for the crew to rest + 6 hours from St Vincent to the grenadines) Its an open ocean trip, boat moves a lot and it is not very nice, you might get sick. I wish I would have read about this. Once you get in the Grenadines…. its paradise! I think, due to what I heard, that we were lucky with the wind, may is not the best month apparently, though we had wind every day. In my case, I am 1,80 mts tall and 80 kg, I kited 80% of the time with a 12 size, except for one day I used the 10. There are not enough words to describe our week. I truly recommend this to everyone. Right now, while writing this review, Im home, kind of depress, maybe is time to think in my next trip. Keep on kiting! Cheers from Argentina.

07 Mar. 2018

This is one of the best trips I have ever done. Very friendly, good organized and for kite surfing you can get alot of experience. I can only recomend Caribbean Kite Cruise. It was „super cool“! :)

04 Apr. 2018

Our first trip to the Caribbean was long overdue. After we have been on pilgrimage to Brazil for several years for our kitesport, we decided to go to another destination. Very curious about the experiment kite and catamaran we set off and hardly there we did not want to go home. The different spots and the kiting directly from the boat inspired us - even though the wind is certainly a bit more constant and safe in Brazil - we also had time to release. A quite super tripp and very recommendable. Surely you need a bit bigger kites than in Brazil.


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