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01 Oct. 2017

I was one of the lucky girls who joined the first Kite Tribe camp for girls! Mia and Sophie were very friendly hosts and patient instructors. We were lucky to have 1 instructor for 2 students that week. They made sure we felt comfortable at every level of kiting before progressing to the next, i have never felt unsafe and was surprised by how fast everybody was making progress! We had two 'no wind' days, but we went kayaking, sailing, snorkeling, SUPing! Lots of things to do in beautiful 'El Gouna' It was so nice to experience this week with a group of like minded girls and as a single traveller i have always felt very at ease and it was so nice to meet many of Mia's and Sophie's friends! I'm looking forward to join another camp, because from what i heard the conditions for learning (shallow and warm water, beautiful lagoon) are the best in El Gouna. The only hiccup was a stubborn Go pro that would not always function, but I'm sure that's already been taken care off :-) Overal, awesome experience!!!

29 Sep. 2017

26 Nov. 2022

Great kite-vacation! Came with the ambition of improving my kite skills and got what I came for. Friendly atmosphere, accommodating program, good and no shortage of equipment, good instructors (Thanks Mike!). All in all a good trip. Conditions on the spot are great for learners like myself and Guess more experienced also use it for training. As someone said its lab conditions - stable Wind and water allowing you to focus on learning