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The huge shallow & flat water lagoon Lo Stagnone is an unspoiled natural reserve, perfect to learn and enjoy kiteboarding. We offer not just a kite school, accommodation or shop - but our place will be your second home with perfect conditions for kitesurfing all-year long!
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Wind conditions: There is no season in Sicily! Wind is blowing all year long! The most reliable are autumn and spring where the wind tends to get stronger, while the summers are warm and heating of the lagoon creates regular thermic wind perfect for 9-12m kites. Winters are also great, but pack thicker wetsuit. Spot for kitesurfing: The lagoon is huge and we do not exaggerate! While in front of the schools it can get a bit crowded, even mediocre kiters have no problem to kite away for 5 minutes and find empty spots with flat water where they can kite in complete solitude. With the different wind directions lagoon offer many different spots with unique characteristics. Sandy beaches around the island, flat water behind broken salina (salt fields) walls, big downwinders or kite all the way up to the sea with some waves. Beginners: It’s obviously perfect for beginners. I've never been to a spot where learning kitesurfing was so easy and safe. The lagoon has a soft muddy ground, so even if you crash in an ankle deep water, it feels soft like a foam. There is no chop to disturb your first waterstart and when you crash your board is literally few steps away. Advanced kiters: One of the biggest benefit of Lo Stagnone lagoon is the possibility of exploration. Kite all the way upwind to the sea, or make a roundtrip around the island and kiteboarding will give you whole new dimension – exploration the surrounding and experiencing different conditions during your vacation.

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Typical Pickup: Letisko Vincenza Floria Trapani-Birgi, Aeroporto Vincenzo Florio Trapani-Birgi, 91100 Trapani TP, Taliansko

The Destination

Nearest airport: Trapani Birgi (5 minutes from spot) with economy flights to many of Europe’s cities, mainly by Ryanair. Also Palermo international which is the main airport of Sicily, 100km away. Nearest port: Palermo, ferry from Genova every day, which takes 19 hours and cabins available, a good way to get there from mainland Europe if you want to drive. But also from Livorno, Civitavecchia or Napoli there are daily ferries. Kite School: ProKite Alby Rondina, kite lessons, kite storage, SUPs, hotel & villa accommodation, bikes. Has the latest Cabrinha kite gear also to test and rent. No wind activity: SUP, bikes, sightseeing around Sicily – island Favignana or mountain town Erice, visiting beautiful beaches – San Theodoro or San Vito Lo Capo. Food: Pizzeria’s are easy to find and most are better than anything you’ll find outside Italy. Fior di Sale, 5 minutes from the beach is a solid option. Fish market every morning in Marsala, excellent fresh fish and local produce. I guarantee you will not find better tomato’s anywhere in the world, the local vegetables are astonishingly good and you’ll want to hit up the daily local markets in Marsala or Saro (5 minutes from the beach) if you are self-catering.

The Experience

Sicily is an island with many spots to kite but the main spot is called Lo Stagnone, situated between the towns of Trapani and Marsala, each steeped in history and the perfect place to eat and drink you up a belt size. One of the best things about here is the ease at which it is to get to, Trapani airport is literally 5 minutes from the kite spot and with many cheap airlines like Ryanair flying in from most European cities travel times from Europe are incredibly quick.

The spot is protected for nature reasons, and it’s easy to see why, it’s stunningly beautiful, quintessentially Italian with grape vines lining the coast and launch areas and islands further out into the water. The depth never gets deeper than chest deep in all areas which makes it an excellent place for people to learn. This is obvious reason why this spot is currently on the spotlight for any European kitesurfer - beginners will enjoy easy & safe conditions to progress, while advances kiters will benefit from vast and unspoiled terrain of the lagoon.

What we are offering you is perfect setup at the beach and full range of services so you can enjoy your vacation and focus on kitesurfing. Our Hotel & Villas are located directly at the best beach spot next to the kite center. In our center we have professional instructors speaking English, Italian, German, French or Polish. Center is equipped with annually renewed Cabrinha & NP Surf gear.

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