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An amazing, fantastic, unbelievable.... Multi-Spots Iron DownWind kitesafari in Brasil Nordeste from Fortaleza airport to Sao Luis . Starting November 3rd 2018 you can choose making the all trip (900 Kms / 21 days) or stop in Barra Grande ( 500 Kms / 15 days) or Jericoacoara ( 350Kms / 10 days).
Kitesurf conditions

Intermediate, Advanced

Wind: Moderate, Strong

Spot: Shallow, Flat, Small waves, Choppy

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The wind will be blowing everyday with a variety of different sea conditions in the day depending where we will be.. You will kite in the best lagoon of the world ( Cauiepe, Taiba, secret spot, Isla de Guajiru, unknown desert spots just for you...) with incredible stable wind and in the middle of the world class best freestylers. Nice medium waves will be every days with some famous spots where we will be staying longer time ( Pecem, Paracuru, Pedro do sal, Atins...). Nothing will be missing and you will never be using bigger than 10 / 9m all days.

Trip characteristics

Accommodation: Hotel

Flight search assistance

Suitable for: Solo traveler, Group, Family, Couple, Non-rider

English French Portuguese

Ambience: Wilderness, Relaxed

Experience Type: Collective, Private

Food: Half board

The Destination

The best place for the wind in November (Wind statistics). But this trip will also be about admiring the wild incredible beautiful nature and meeting the local people.

The Experience

The local Janaina and her European IKO kite instructor husband Hervé will take care of you during all your holidays in Brasil Nordeste from your arrival in Fortaleza airport to your last zone for departure . We can as well propose multiple personalized kite trip for families, groups and individuals. We will adjust our several program models to your own request and profile. You can choose the...:

  • number of days ( 13 to 21)
  • distance of the trip (350 kms to 850 Kms - from Jericoacoara to Sao Luis)
  • number of different location stops ( 3 to 10)
  • number of downwinders ( up to 11)
  • number of kitesurf lessons and kite rental (up to 15hrs with all F-One 2018 Equipment)
  • share % between kite activities and others (enjoy the largest beach park of South America, visit by boat the 3rd biggest world detroit, mini flight over the magic dunes of Marenhenses, buggy trip...)
  • type of accommodation ...

A dedicated program organized and supported by professional local experts !

Day 1 to 10 : 10 days kite safari to Jericoacoara
Day 1 ( October 20th) : Arrival to Fortaleza airport

We will be there waiting for you ready for the car transfer of 45mns to your pousada on the beach of Cumbuco. Everything organised, nothing to do. Just relax and enjoy . It will be like this during all your trip.

Day 2 to Day 8 ; exploring 3 spots

D2 will be a warm up Downwind (10 Kms) to the famous lagoon of Cauiepe. D3 will a long ( 70 Kms) Downwind(DW) to Paracuru / Guajiru D4 will be kiting in front of the hotel in Guajiru D5 will be a long strong DW to Icarai D6 will be kiting in Icarai / lagoon... D7 will be long very windy DW to Prea / Jericoacoara. D8 will be kiting of course and enjoy the magic Jeri ( Sunset, dunes, capoiera, caiperinha,

Day 9 to Day 10: back to Cumbuco and airport

D9 will be kiting and 3,5 hrs back to Cumbuco with luxury 4x4 D10 will be kiting in Cumbuco before driving back on time to the airport of Fortaleza

Day 1 to 15 : 15 days kite safari to Barra Grande
Day 1 to D 8 : same program as above to Jericoacoara

See above

Day 9 to D 12 : 2 more spots

D9 will be extraordinary DW to Tatajuba / Camocim / Maceo D10 will be kiting in Maceo in front of the hotel. D11 will be long DW to BG D12 will be enjoying BG, the lagoon, the athmosphere...

Day 13 to D15 : Enjoy, enjoy , enjoy before departure

D13 will be way back to Jericoacoara ( 3,5 hrs ) and kite ...of course ! Night in Jeri ! D14 will be kite and go back to Cumbuco (3,5 hrs) D15 will be kite if enough time and transfer to Fortaleza airport

Day 1 to 21 : 21 days kite safari to Sao Luis
Day 1 to day 12 : similar program as above to BG

See above

Day 13 to day 19 : 4 more spots and others ... MAGIC !

Day 13 will be DW to Itaqui D14 will be kiting in front of the hotel in Itaqui D15 will be DW to Pedro do Sal D16 will be no (or very little) kite ! You will go by boat Inside the biggest detroit fo South America. A crazy reserv of birds that will discover in the small arms on this huge river. D17 is back to kite with an extraordinary long DW going to Atins. Nothing to say. Just do it. One of the best day of your life. Seguro ! D18 will be DW to Lancoes dos marenhenses. Kite in the raining water lagoon in between the dunes after magic waves perfect waves riding. Unforgettable. D19 will be kiting cool in Atins, lagoon, waves...It will be your decision

Day 20 and D 21 : the end of something unique

D20 will be kiting depending on the timing of your flights and going to SL (4 hrs trip by boat and car) D21 will be ...sad ! Driving you back to Sao Luis airport. Bye bye

Itineraries are not binding and the actual itinerary can be adjusted by the host because of unforeseen circumstances or other reasons!


Accommodations called "pousadas" will never be more than 50 meters from the beach. 80 % are on the beach.. All comfort Inside ( private bathroom and toilets, excellent beds, towels...) terrace or little garden, with open unlimited breakfast every mornings. It will be shared rooms for two (or 3) with two (or 3) beds for single persons and double beds for couples. Resort and comfort will be classified as medium+ level in average.

shared rooms

Standard rooms are shared by two or three. It is of course one seperated bed per person in case of multi single sharing or one double bed for couples. All rooms will be comfortable with medium+ standard (minimum), location less than 50 meters from the beach. For the 21 days kite safari only it can be that in Atins (only) you will be sharing a big wonderful bungalow at 7 persons maximum in the best luxury resort on the beach. If you do not want this option it will still be possible asking for another more standard accommodation. We will then organize a standard option for you (medium+ level)

Walking distance to spot

Private room for one person

You will be alone in your room. Same place as the shared room.

Walking distance to spot


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Food: Half board
Guide with luxury 4x4 following the group
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Herve is your host for this tours and will take care of everything during your trip. Furthermore the host knows everything about this trip and will provide you will all information needed.

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