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For many years we kitesurfers, have always been searching for the best conditions, magical places, perfect conditions, warm temperatures and unlimited space on the water. This is such a trip that ticks all those boxes. There's no better way to travel than with your kite! Join our XXL Downwinder
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When you join our Mega Downwinder through Brazil, we leave the busy beaches and mass tourism behind us. You will discover new kitesurfing spots, be coached by our pro-kitesurfers who have been coming here for many years. As we are traveling many km oversea we will encounter many different spots. From amazing shallow and butterflat lagoons to one of the best wave spots that Brazil has to offer. We will always travel near the coastline, so our professional instructors are always in no-time near you to help you out.

Trip characteristics
Typical Pickup: Cumbuco, Caucaia - State of Ceará, Brazil
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Suitable for: Solo traveler, Group, Family, Couple
Ambience: Wilderness, Relaxed
Experience Type: Collective, Private
Food: Breakfast
Available Options: Vegetarian, Special diets

The Destination

During the KiteSafari in Brazil we will send you along all hidden lagoons and undiscovered places, with Jericoacoara, a.k.a. surfers-paradise and the wild-west of Brazil, as the final destination. This place is in the top 10 of the most beautiful beaches in the world. You'll get to know the real Brazilian culture as we will sleep every night in a different pousada (village). Each little village has its own little picturesque culture that you'll get to know. You'll arrive in a new village by kite and leave the next morning again by kite. This way, you'll not only maximize your time on the water, but also increase your skill level and get to know the entire Brazilian coastline. We will start our Downwinder in Cumbuco and have Jericoacoara (which is 300km up north) as the final destination.

The Experience

For years, we have been looking for the most beautiful destinations that combines all magical features, such as strong reliable winds, pristine sandy beaches, rolling waves and unlimited space on the water. Have you ever had such a dream? Then you have just found the journey that will make your dream come true!

When you join our Mega Downwinder through Brazil, we leave the busy beaches and mass tourism behind us. You will discover new kite surfing spots, be coached by our pro kite surfers who have been coming here for years and because life is one big journey, why shouldn't we travel in style? No better way to travel than with your kite!

When we start with our downwinder, we let the 4×4 jeeps ride along the beach while you follow the wind! During KiteSafari Brazil we will send you along all hidden lagoons and undiscovered places with the final destination: Jericoacoara! This place is in the top 10 of the most beautiful beaches in the world. During this trip, everything is arranged down to the last detail and professional travel guidance / guides will accompany you to show you the way!

We will cross 250km of ocean by kite and we will show you some of the best kitesurfing spots Brazil has to offer. From shallow, butterflat, lagoons to one of the best wave spots in Brazil.

The wind is blowing and the waves are rolling! Join this magical experience.

Day 1

We leave our homespot, Casa Jangada, in Cumbuco. The downwinder has officially started. We rig up the kite's in Cumbuco and our first checkpoint is the world-famous lagoon, Cauipe. From here we continue our journey to Taiba, where we will have lunch, and have time to push our new tricks in the amazing lagoon. Around 15:00 we will continue the journey to Paracuru where we will be staying the night. Often there are many sea turtles on this part.

Day 2

We will continue the roadtrip and have lunch in a undiscovered (but beautiful) lagoon. When the chef prepares us a freshly made meal we rig up our gear and continue via the ocean to our destination; Flecheiras.

Day 3

Our final destination is Baleia. Baleia is one of my favorites. When we arrive by kite, we receive a warm welcome by the pousada owner. After our first sunset beer, we will enjoy a great meal with the sound of the sea in the background. The next day we can continue the journey in our front garden. The pousada is directly on the beach, so we don't even have to pack our kite's.

Day 4

Baleia to Icarai da Amontada. We can leave our big sizes in the bag and rig up the smaller kite's. From here the wind will only increase and get stronger. During todays downwinder we will see amazing waves breaking along the shore. Today we will only have a morning downwinder to give our muscles some rest, to be ready for tomorrow and (of course) to make sure to work on our tanline.

Day 5

Ilha de Guajiru is one of the most famous places in Brazil for kitesurfing. This will be today's destination. However, we will first make one of the best downwinders you'll ever do. Between beautiful mangroves and little bushes, you'll feel you are kiting in the Amazone. Once arrived in our hotel, we will start up a bonfire and BBQ some freshly caught fish by the local fishermen, while we are counting the stars in the middle of nowhere.

Day 6

Today's downwinder will bring us to the wild-west; Jericoacoara! We will time it perfectly to arrive by kite in Jericoacoara while the sun is setting. Hundreds of people are watching the sunset on a 100m high dune, while we kite in between the sun and the crowds. Seriously, what else do we need?


We will start the downwinder in our own pousada, called; PointBreak. From here we will pump up our kite's and travel 250km by kite via the ocean. Every night we will stay in different locations and the 4x4 pick-ups will travel with all our gear along the beach. All rooms from all the pousada's/ hotels where we will be staying are equipped with all necessary supplies (e.g., airconditioning/ fan/ fridge). Every morning our accommodation will prepare an amazing, local or continental, breakfast. The pousada's and hotels where we will stay each night are in perfect condition and amazing to enjoy your well-deserved rest or sunset beer after a full day of kiting.
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