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A trip along Brazil's coastline in the Ceará province can be a wild adventure or a very relaxed, comfortable trip - it depends on what you want. This downwinder is the perfect blend of adventure and comfort.
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Intermediate, Advanced
Spot: Flat, Small waves
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On Brazil's Northeastern beaches, July-December are the most reliable months for wind every day, though you can expect wind year round. Wind speed ranges from 15-35 knots and will typically blow from late morning through til late evening. The weather and water are both warm and tropical - you can leave your jackets and wetsuits at home! The most common size kite are from 5m-9m depending on your weight. WAVES: Waves along this coastline are constant, and the size and quality will vary significantly depending on where you are. In many of Brazil's popular kite beaches, the waves would be considered sloppy beach break, but with enough formation to ride with some style. There are some spots along the coast where the waves line up and break beautifully, and experienced wave riders will be racing downwind to spend more time on these breaks. Both beginner to expert wave riders will have some fun on a trip like this. SLICKS: Brazil is well known for flatwater, with freestylers coming from around the world to get some progression sessions in on the Northeastern coast. Some of the more popular lagoons are located near Cumbuco and Taiba, with many more scattered along the coastline waiting to be discovered!. On a downwind expedition, you won't be spending much time in the lagoons, but it is possible to organize a plan to spend a few days upwind or downwind to get some flatwater sessios in.

Trip characteristics
Typical Pickup: Praia da Taíba, Ceará, Brazil
Suitable for: Solo traveler, Group, Family, Couple
Ambience: Wilderness, Relaxed
Experience Type: Collective, Private
Food: Breakfast

The Destination

This route is the best for one’s first experience in Brazil. You will find some nice, small waves for downwinds, beautiful fisherman villages, exquisite hotels, and delicious Brazilian food. Along this path, you will experience beautiful places like: Paracuru, Flexeiras, Baleia, and Ilha do Guajiru.

The Experience

It’s the land of Carnival, caipirinhas, and non-stop wind! This world famous kite destination is one that most kiteboarders have heard plenty about, but with a country so massive and a coastline so long – where to start?

Instead of picking one spot, you can teamed up with us to experience 200km of Brazil’s Northeastern beaches! This is the Brazil that you don’t hear about every day – it’s beautiful, natural, and completely stress free.

The Team

Nuria Goma, a Pro Kiteboarder from Barcelona, Duotone Team Rider and 3xSpanish Champion and 3rd in the World will be your personal guide in and outside the water. She has been coming to Brazil since 2004 so she knows pretty well the country.

David Romeu, Core Kites International Rider and professional filmmaker will also be with us during the amazing adventure.

We'll also have two drivers with 4x4 following us on the beach the whole time, and they will be helping us launching and landing kites at any time needed.

Getting there

AIRPORT: You'll fly in and out of Fortaleza Airport [FOR]. It's sittuated 70 km from Taiba, the starting point.

TRANSPORT: Easiest way is to take a taxi from the airport directly to Taiba (aprox. cost 180 R$). We can help you book one if you need. While you’re on your downwind trip, you won’t have to think about transportation.

TRAVEL & VISA REQUIREMENTS: If you’re traveling as an American or Canadian, you will need a valid passport and a visa to enter Brazil. This is a simple process that should be completed a few weeks in advance. Visitors from some other countries like the UK do not need a visa. It’s important to double check this information online in advance of your trip. For more information, you can check out the USA and Canada government provided travel information. There are travel advisories in place for some of Brazil’s major cities including Rio de Janeiro, but this is far, far away from the beautiful kite beaches!


If you imagine downwinding through some of Brazil’s most remote coastline, you might assume that the facilities will be a bit skint. Not at all! These downwinders are planned with the guests in mind – after all, this is supposed to be a holiday, right?! When you’re out on the water, you’ll have that wonderful safety net of the support vehicles who are carrying all of your extra gear, pumps, and refreshments. You won’t be close to any kite shops, so make sure to bring what you might need including repair supplies and the rest of your quiver in case you want to do a swap during the day. On the overnight stays this is when vacation mode really sets in. At each overnight stop, you’ll have a friendly face to land your kite when you arrive followed by a cold drink and a dip in the pool. Each pousada (hotel) is located on the beachfront, so you can land your kite out front and store it in their kite facilities which are equipped with showers and air compressors. Once you’ve changed into dry clothes, you’ll be served a delicious dinner made with local, fresh ingredients. After dinner (and a few caipirinhas), unwind in a comfortable bed in your bungalow. You’ll need the rest – there will be many more miles to cover the next day!
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