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The Grenadines are the southernmost islands of the caribbean and are surrounded by reefs, crystal waters and white sand beaches. The colours here are incredible and the inhabitants easily transmit their laid back friendly vibe. The choice of kitespots is huge with conditions ranging from ultra flat lagoons to offshore outer reefs. Wind forecast for Canouan Airport provided by

Kite Conditions

Wind: Nothing is more important than constant wind. From November through to July the ancient trade winds blow 15-20 knots 70% -90% of the time (best months are January - March).
Climate: The sea is crystal clear and warm all year round. No wetsuits needed. Skies are always blue and rain is minimal.
Kitesurf Spots: All locations are uncrowded and the variety of kitespots is huge. Each day you may visit another island and choose between waves, lagoons, mirror flat freestyle or downwinders.

Islands and kite spot info

Bequai The largest settlement and the most picturesque village. This old whaling base hosts some great local markets and a wide selection of restaurants and watering holes. No kiting!

Canouan Welcome to kite heaven! 'The Pool' is the very apt name for this amazing anchorage inside a deserted turquoise lagoon. Kite conditions are flat in the lagoon with waves on the (shallow) outer reef. Launch from the boat or from one of the small beaches. Colours are spectacular!

Mayreau The smallest inhabited island and the most picturesque anchorage. Local rastas serve drinks and fresh lobster on the pristene palm lined beach. A short hike up to the rustic hilltop village is rewarded with stunning views of the islands. Many quote Mayreau as the best spot. In the achorage there is a tiny ultra flat freestyle spot but most go to the windward lagoon to play in the waves and get high air from the kickers. Also possible to start a downwinder to Union

Union/Palm island Clifton village in Union offers a chance to replenish the stores. There are some great local markets and they even have internet here! In the evening the bars and restaurants are often animated with live music. The windward lagoon is ultra flat and great for freestyle. This is the most crowded kite spot and you may find another 5-10 riders here! A few tacks upwind and out of the lagoon takes you to the waves on the reef of Palm Island.

Fregate Another favorite is just a short downwinder from Union. Fregate island is a remote spot that offers ultra flat offshore conditions. Suitable for freestylers and beginners alike.

PSV/Morpion PSV (Petit Saint-Vincent) is a millionaires private island but cruisers are welcome to have a snoop around and eat/drink at the bar. The lagoon north of the island offers amazing colors and flat/choppy conditions. It is a great place to start a downwinder to the tiny sand bar called Morpion.

Tobago Cays 4 islands make up the national park of the uninhabited Cays. The tiny islands are populated with birds and iguanas and the lagoons are home to hundreds of sea turtles and rays. Kitesurfing here is breathtaking for the scenery. Conditions are flat/choppy and there is a great left hand wave at the end of horseshoe reef. The Cays are a good departure point for a downwinder to Mayreau.

St Vincent Host to the film 'Pirates of the caribbean'. You may visit one of the film sets and take a glimpse at the scenery of this spectacular tropical haven. No kiting!

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