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This Caribbean Kite Cruise is about exploring the remote islands of the Grenadines using nothing but the wind. Visit a new island each day meeting the local people, experiencing the culture and kiting unbeatable lagoons and outer reef breaks far from civilisation.
Kitesurf conditions

Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Wind: Light, Moderate

Spot: Shallow, Flat, Small waves

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The trade winds blow constantly from December till May around 15-20 knots- perfect for a Caribbean kite cruise. The crystal clear water is warm, meaning no wet suit is needed and the weather is hot and sunny with little to no rain. We will visit a different island each day offering all varieties of riding conditions including butter flat lagoons for freestyle, reef breaks for wave riding and unlimited space for downwinders.

Trip characteristics

Accommodation: Boat

Flight search assistance

Suitable for: Solo traveler, Family, Non-rider


Ambience: Wilderness, Relaxed

Experience Type: Collective

Food: Full board

Available Options: Vegetarian, Vegan, Special diets

The Destination

Kiteboarders or not, a Caribbean kite cruise across Saint Vincent and the Grenadines is indeed a journey in paradise. Escape the cold winter and experience new kite spots everyday- some only accessible by boat! Kite until sunset, swim with turtles, meet the locals and spend an amazing time with old friends, new friends and family. The conditions are unbeatable with a variety of flat water lagoons and outer reef breaks with crystal clear, blue waters and white sand beaches. The island locals are laid back providing amazing relaxation for their guests. Outside of kiting enjoy snorkelling, SUP, island excursions, swimming with turtles and more.

The Experience

Our Caribbean kite cruise through St Vincent and the Grenadines is one you won't forget! Relax in the sun on one of the catamarans 3 decks as the captain sails from one incredible island to the next. We offer high end services both from our Captain and our Chef. Our Captain is not only an accomplished sailor but is also kite instructor and advanced rider. After many years sailing, kiting and exploring the islands, he knows where to find the best wind and conditions in the area. Based on your preferences- whether kiting is your main priority or not- he will put together an itinerary to ensure you have an unforgettable experience on and off the catamaran as well as your safety on the water.

There are small villages on some of the islands with local produce markets, as well as small restaurants. Here you can experience the local culture where you will be welcomed by the friendly locals whose laid back attitude is contagious. Chef services are optional but include full board with 3 meals per day as well as drinks.


For more advanced and confident riders there are amazing downwinders from island to island almost everyday. Downwinders range from 5-10km.

Kiteboarding Lessons

With the flat, warm water and steady winds, the Caribbean is one of the best places to learn kiteboarding in the world. Our instructors are all IKO certified and lessons all include gear as well as motorboat assistance.

Other Activities

There are SUP's aboard the boat to explore the lagoons and reefs off the catamaran. If the wind is calm or just for a change we can visit the dive centre on Canouan, home to the Caribbeans longest barrier reef to explore the reef from below, there are turtles, rays and amazing underwater landscapes. Snorkelling gear is also available throughout the trip to explore a multitude of reefs easily accessible from the catamaran. We will go sightseeing and exploring on the islands, there is hiking and biking in the mountains offering amazing views, as well as small villages to visit and markets for shopping.

Getting There

You will need to fly to the Barbados and then take a quick connection flight to Union Island or fly to St. Vincent to take the fast ferry. It is also possible to arrange a direct private flight from Martinique. Once here in Clifton Harbor the airport the kitesurfing spot and marina are all just a 5 min walk apart. With early arrival you can drop your stuff at the boat, catch some wind on the first day and settle in after session.

Sample Itinerary
Day 1- Clifton

The kite spot on Union Island is a truly amazing flat water spot, have a quick kite session or go explore the island by bike or hiking up to an incredible 360 degree view point. Later we will take the dinghy over to Happy Island for a rum while watching the sun go down before dinner on the boat.

Day 2-Frigate

This is another amazing flat water spot on Union Island, great for beginners as well as practising freestyle. The wind blows offshore so sessions will be supervised by motorboat. Later we will visit Ashton village by boat, a great starting point for hiking in the mountains or visiting the local rum shops.

Day 3- Mayreau

The catamaran will be anchored inside the protected bay just a few meters from shore. The wind blows onshore creating small chop in this area. Later on we will get a tour around the island from local guide Kevin. You can also visit the local bars or explore the bay by paddle board.

Day 4- Tobago Cays

Tobogo Cays is a National Park and also an amazing kiteboarding playground- certain rules apply. This is a great snorkelling location so watch for snorkelers under water and turtles come up for air! Take a short walk onto the island to see the iguanas. We have an amazing lobster dinner planned so save your appetite.

Day 5- Mopion

Canouan is home to the Caribbeans longest barrier reef. The sea breaks here offering an awesome playground for wave riders. We can take a car tour around the island and up to the highest peak on the island for another incredible view. There is a dive shop on the island if you would like to see the reed from below.

Day 6- Mopion

Before dropping anchor at a quiet overnight location behind Petit Saint Vincent Island we will stop close to Mopion Island, one of the world's smallest Islands. This spot is somewhat choppy with incredible turquoise water. The island offers a great spot to land your kite for a break, especially if you rode from Union Island.

Day 7- Petit Tabac

The spot is rather choppy and flat just under sandy peninsula with the overall scenery of palm trees and sandy beach is amazing. No wonder it was a movie set for the Pirate of the Caribbean. Captain Jack Sparrow was marooned here with Elizabeth Swann, perhaps you remember Elizabeth setting fire to Jacks stash of rum...

Itineraries are not binding and the actual itinerary can be adjusted by the host because of unforeseen circumstances or other reasons!


Caribbean Kite Cruise- “Fusion of kitesurfing & sailing with life aboard a five star all inclusive hotel on water.” Lagoon catamarans, from 40ft (12m) to 50ft (15m) are perfect for kite trips. Spacious enough to store all the kite and surf equipment without interfering in the living space. Because of two hulls they are more stable and with smaller draft we can reach shallow waters. These five star catamarans used have 4 spacious and luminous double en suite guest cabins with bathrooms and 2 small single crew cabins. The main saloon has a navigational corner and living room space connected to fully equipped kitchen. Top, Front and Back decks give extra space for sunbathing and socialising. The living space is super comfortable – no wonder catamarans are referred to as “houses on water”.

Shared Double Cabin

With private bathroom. Indicated price is for double occupancy.

Walking distance to spot

Single Usage of Double Cabin

70% surcharge

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Small Single Cabin

Small cabin for 1 person

Private Charter

Book out the entire boat with up to 8 guests.

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Included services
Food: Full board
8 Nights Accommodation
Bed linen and Towels, Cleaning Service
Skipper / Kite Guide
Kite Spot information, Surveillance and Rescue
Sightseeings / Organizing Activities
Tips & Suggestions with Monitoring and Advices, WOO Sports (new!)
Professional Chef or Hostess
Full Board Food: 3 Meals per Day Including Snacks, Fruits and Soft drinks, Alcohol Drinks
Red Paddle SUP, SUBGLIDER (new!),
WI-FI Internet
Yacht Insurance, Yacht and Motor boat Fuel and Water
GoPro Picture and Video material, DRONE - Picture and Video material (new!)
Port Fees, Tourist and Local Taxes
Optional services
Gear Rental
Kites between 7m-14m
Foilboard rental
Directional Surfboard rental
Lessons & Coaching
Foil Lessons
individual IKO Kite Lessons per hour


3 reviews
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19 Mar. 2017

We joined the cruise together with my wife who was not kiting at the start of the week but got lessons and got hooked ! Overall the cruise has been a fantastic experience, unbelievable kitesurfing, probably the best I've ever done in Union island and Mayreau. The cruise went on really well, our skipper Tomaz and Chef Polona took care of us like family and we felt at home on the boat from the first instants we boarded. from Breakfast to dinner, we kept being impressed by the food cooked by the brilliant Polona. Last but not least, the company on board was great and we literally spent some of the best holidays ever ! Wind was great and we got to kite every single day, more often 2 or 3 sessions daily for the rabid kite surfers amongst us !highly recommand !

11 Jan. 2017

First of all: many thanks to the captain Vincent, he made a very good job! And we have had good luck with the other guests on our boat, they made our cruise enjoyable! The remains was not. The catamaran was totally scruffy and a lot of things have been faulty, like cabin windows, bathroom bilge pump and fresh water generation. Then starting from Martinique means cruising about 20h to Union Island first day and also backwards on the last day. With only one captain cruising the whole day and night... The most important thing for us were the expectations towards the spots: They did not match. For us, only Mayreau offered a nice Caribbean scenery combining a kite spot, which was worth taking part in such a trip. Union Island with JT and Clifton and the Tobago Cays are not, there are many better places to kitesurf all over the world. All in all we have been disappointed. Tomaz descriptions and videos of these cruises raised our expectations and in reality it did not fit. We would not take part in a trip like this. --- Answer from Tomaz: Thank you for your comments, Marco, I really appreciate it. Since this was a New Year cruise, the busiest week of the season, we hosted 2 separate groups using Nautitech 482 and Lagoon 450 catamarans. We didn't experience any problems with Lagoon 450 skippered by myself, but Nautitech 482 skippered by Vince did experience minor problems which were unforeseen - and I only say minor because safety was never compromised. I spent the previous week on your catamaran and indeed, the solution for cabin windows should be improved, especially since the catamaran was only built in 2014. To address the shower pump malfunction, I'm sorry for this even being brought to guests attention as the bilge pump was solving the problem. The water-maker malfunction was unfortunate, but still producing water and it's always possible to get fresh water from nearby islands. I agree this isn't good, nevertheless, catamaran is a small house on water with a lot of electronics, filters, pumps and batteries, and as such, things brake and need maintenance. You've raised a very good point about the long sail from Martinique or St. Lucia to the Grenadines. It is not always as bumpy as it was during your period. Guests are sometimes not aware of sail intensity and duration even after reading the customized itinerary for their period. Some people enjoy long sails, some don't. For this reason we offer different boarding possibilities which also include boarding on St. Vincent or Union island. Guests mostly choose to board on Martinique and St. Lucia because of better and cheaper flights there. To maximize your vacation time we usually do the long passage at night. This means we depart from Martinique or St. Lucia in the evening and you already enjoy lunch and afternoon kite session in the Grenadines the next day. Yes, it is hard for the captain, I know this first hand and not everybody can or will do it. Not every day is like this and captain needs to adjust resting periods accordingly. The new year cruise was only 7 nights and I believe we did maximize everybody's time on water. Regarding the kite spots, in general people with directional boards like Mayreau the most, while freestyle goes towards Frigate and as for the scenic touch everybody would vote for Tobago Cays. I would say the main advantage of kitesurfing in the Grenadines, besides constant winds, is that it is suitable for everybody, from complete beginners to advanced riders. It offers many different spots with different water conditions reachable with the boat inside one hour and there are rarely more than 10 people on the water at the same time. I am happy to read people you shared the boat with made the cruise enjoyable and that Vince made a good job despite difficulties and I regret this trip wasn't fulfilling expectations of your family. Tomaz, skipper and founder

09 Jan. 2017

it was a perfect experience!! Nice Kitespots and places to be.Nice other guests. Nice Skipper. 2 Things where not so nice: the cook was a showmaker and did not cook for the guests but for him and the cruise should have Union Island as start and endpoint, because two Transfers in one week to go there and to come back where to much sailing...


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