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Come with us on this extraordinary downwind trip to the remote paradises of northeastern Brazil. Discover the third-largest river delta in the world with its hidden kite spot gems and its unbelievable rich wildlife. And follow us to the stunning national park Lençóis Maranhenses with its vast sand dunes and the 1000 small and crystal clear lagoons
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Wind: Moderate, Strong

Spot: Flat, Small waves, Big waves

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The dry season in north-eastern Brazil starts as from July/August. In this period the wind is strong and constant. The further north we kite, the stronger the winds become. For example, when we can still kite well with a number 9 in Cumbuco, this kite size will be too powerful in Jericoacoara. Normally the wind remains at this level until December after which the rainy season starts. Of course, the rainy season may start in mid-December or as late as February. There are almost always strong winds in the period the downwinders are planned for. However, there might be a day on which the wind isn’t strong enough or it rains. In this case we have to be flexible and wait for half a day or drive to the next spot.

Trip characteristics

Accommodation: House

Typical Pickup: Jericoacoara, Brazil

Suitable for: Solo traveler

German English Italian Portuguese

Ambience: Wilderness

Experience Type: Collective

Food: Breakfast

The Destination

The Brazilian north-eastern coast is a natural paradise, with stunning sandy beaches, a breathtaking natural world and idyllic little fishing villages. Here you can find all your heart desires. Perfect wave spots, deserted lagoons and river mouths.

The Experience

Exploring the unknown, wild north of Brazil. Flatwater lagoons, river mouths, little fishing villages, associated with sight-seeing. This is pure outback territory with many wild animals to see. Explore the untouched interior of the river delta by boat and kite. We continue to the huge dune region with its 1000 crystal-clear lagoons in the Lençóis Maranheses National Park. This downwind safari takes you to some of the most astonishing kite spots in the world!


  • starts: Jericoacoara
  • ends: Atins
  • returns to: Jericoacoara

The Itinerary (Day 1-5)

  • DAY 1 - 36 KM | JERICOACOARA - CAMOCIM / This is my favourite downwinder with perfect kite conditions. The water between the clean breaking waves is as smooth as a mirror. After passing Guriu we arrive at the river mouth, with shallow water in the river and beautiful big waves in the ocean. It's difficult to continue kiting at this stunning spot because I promise you will want to stay there all day.

Overnight stay: Camocim

  • DAY 2 - 44 KM | 20 KM CAMOCIM – BITUBITA / Kiting continues along the coast with relatively shallow waters and small waves. Apart from a few fishermen on the road we meet no one. From Bitubita we continue by car to Barra Grande, a kite paradise which is still a largely undiscovered spot.

Overnight stay: Barra Grande

  • DAY 3 - 18 KM | BARRA GRANDE – LUÍS CORREIA / We start our 18 km downwinder in Barra Grande. After 2 km we reach a huge flatwater lagoon and stay there for some freestyle action. The next highlight and breathteaking new spot, Macapa is just downwind from the lagoon. After a little snack, we continue riding until we reach our cozy pousada directly in front of another nice kite spot. To top it off, we will have a nice evening session, right in front of the pousada. You'll be riding some nice waves here.

Overnight stay: Luís Correia

  • DAY 4 – DELTA DO PARNAIBA (SECRET SPOT) / Early in the morning we drive to Parnaiba and meet our private motorboat at the harbour. If we are lucky we will see monkeys, crabs and caimans during our boat ride to the secret spot. This unique place is a river mouth with mirror-smooth water, where we will spend the afternoon. During the night safari we will see wild animals during the boat cruise.

Overnight stay: Inside the delta on the island Canarias

  • DAY 5 – 26 KM | ILHA DOS POLDROS – BARRA DO MEIO / The Delta do Parnaiba is the third-largest river delta in the world. Today we kite around half the delta until we reach a river mouth called Barra do Meio. There our boat is already waiting for us. Enjoy the ride back to the pousada, along the small, narrow river tributaries surrounded by mangroves.

Overnight stay: Inside the delta on the island Canarias

The Itinerary (Day 6-9)

  • DAY 6 – 26 KM | BARRA DO MEIO - ILHA DO CAJU / Our boat brings us to the river mouth Barra do Meio where we start the second part around the delta. After 26 km we are going to meet our boat again on an island called Ilha do Caju. By boat we reach our daily goal Tutóia which is located on the other side of the delta.

Overnight stay: Tutóia

  • DAY 7 – 50 KM | TUTÓIA – ATINS / Mirror-smooth water awaits us in Tutóia, where the ocean is separated by a sandbank around 1 km from the beach. We kite together to this sandbank, reaching the open sea and riding on small waves. In Cabure our luggage will be picked up by a boat and goes directly to the pousada. We will reach Atins passing the river by kite and arrive directly to Atins on the beach.

Overnight stay: Atins

  • DAY 8 - ATINS – RIO NEGRO / Upon arrival in Atins you will immediately get the feeling that you have reached the end of the world. There are no roads built yet. Getting around the village is difficult because of the fine, deep sand. There are a few pousadas and restaurants. This little place is totally unspoilt and is situated in an untouched, natural landscape, despite having an absolutely fantastic kite spot right on its doorstep. At low tide the water is like a mirror. Kite out to the small sandbanks and freestyle endlessly between them with 3 or 4 other kiters. If the wind is good we will do an 18 km downwinder to Rio Negro, where the entrance is to the enormous Lençóis Maranhenses dune region with its thousands of small crystal-clear lagoons. The area covers 1,550 km² and was declared a National Park on 2.6.1981. Firm dunes and shifting sand dunes range up to 40 km into the interior. In spite of the relatively high levels of precipitation, this is Brazil’s only desert.

Overnight stay: Atins

  • DAY 9 – TRANSFAIR BACK TO JERICOACOARA / From Atins we’ll take the boat to Cabure where the car will already be waiting for us. The ride goes over the main road directly back to Jijoca. In Jijoca we will organise a transport for you to bring you directly to your Pousada in Jericoacaora

Approximate expected time of arrival in Jericoacoara: 17:00 pm

Your Kite Level

This Downwinder is only for experienced kitesurfers. You must have already done a few long downwinders. Inside the Delta of Parnaiba there will be NO car-support. The downwinders can last 5 hours (with breaks), so you must be fairly fit and have proper equipment.

Equipment and Kites

As the wind is strong in Brazil, we use smaller kite sizes. You should definitely have size 7 (ladies), 9 (men). Of course it is a good idea to have a 2nd or 3rd kite to be able to kite at any time. Don’t forget to inspect your equipment (e.g. tighten screws) and to have the most important repair materials with you. Carry your kite equipment in a big kite bag able to hold all kites and the board.


It’s important to bring lycra clothes, good sun protection (sunglasses, lip protector and waterproof sun creme), as we will be on the water for several hours a day.


We sleep in stylish, comfortable and friendly pousadas along the way, run for kiters by kiters.

shared double rooms
single rooms


Included services
Food: Breakfast
8 days of downwinding and kiting at different spots
Guide / kite instructor on the water (English or German)
Transportation back to Cumbuco on day 9
new 4x4 Hylux pick-up with driver
Private motorboat inside the delta
Night safari inside the delta
Water, fruits and snacks during the downwinders
Walkie talkie between the guide and driver for optimal safety
Satellite telephone
Downwind Kitesafari lycra
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