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Imaging kitesurfing in a scenery where mountains rise up straight out of the ocean and the sun almost never sets. That is what kiting in the Lofoten is like! By sailboat we will explore the Lofoten archipelago for unique and remote kite spots, from flat water beaches and lagoons to nice wave spots.
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In the Lofoten you will find a wide variety of beautiful kite spots, form flatwater beaches and lagoons to nice wave spots. Each day we will set sail for a new spot so you will experience something different everyday. Depending on the kite spot we will launch from the boat or take a short dinghy ride to shore. During the summer months you will see a steady NW wind which makes it perfect for kitesurfing and sailing. In this time of year we will also deal with the most comfortable temperatures of the year, however it will still be still be colder than you are probably used to. Because of the colder temperatures each kite session will take 1,5-2 hours maximum. A thick wetsuit, shoes, gloves and a cap are a must to keep warm.

Trip characteristics
Typical Pickup: Moskenes, Lofoten
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Suitable for: Solo traveler, Group, Family, Couple, Non-rider
Ambience: Wilderness, Relaxed
Experience Type: Collective, Private
Food: Full board
Available Options: Vegetarian, Vegan, Special diets

The Destination

Kite surfing in the Lofoten archipelago is without any doubt a unique experience! It might not be the first place that comes to mind when thinking of a kite destination but it is a an absolute must if you’re looking for something special. The stretch of islands have been shaped by wind, waves and ice over thousands of years. Land and ocean are constantly taking over in breathtaking views. Besides that the Lofoten offers amazing opportunities for kitesurfing because of the wide variety of beautiful kite spots and the steady wind, there is a lot more to experience. Hike through majestic mounains, swim in clear blue water, paddle through the fjords, catch your own meal of the day, explore cultural cites and more. One last thing that makes the Lofoten such a unique destination is the midnight sun, the sun that almost never sets. With the sun hardly dropping beneath the horizon the options are endless and the dramatic views are even more stunning during twilight hours.

The Experience

Sail & Kite, what’s it like?

Living on a sailing vessel differs from any other type of holiday. Sailing itself brings uncertainties and asks for a flexible attitude towards the schedule, people and your expectations. From our own experience, guests feel more involved in the experience, if they participate and work together in the everyday activities which need to be done on board. The weather always takes the lead when travelling by boat. We want our guests to prepare for the unexpected.

What does a day look like?

The day will start with a healthy breakfast and there is the possibility to prepare a take away lunch. Everyday will consist of sailing to a new location and one or more kite sessions. It is dependent on the day and weather conditions in which order this will take place. Because of the colder temperatures each kite session will take 1,5-2 hours maximum and depending on the kite spot we will kite from the boat our take a short dinghy ride to shore. The kite instructor will be available each session for tips and lessons. In case of insufficient wind the Lofoten offers plenty of alternative activities like hiking, fishing, kayaking and wave surfing. After a spectacular day of kiting and sailing we gladly enjoy our well deserved Moondance beer and be surprised by the catch of the day!

Your stay

Besides the unique destination another special aspect of this trip is that you will be staying on a sailboat. Exploring the Lofoten by boat not only gives the possibility to go kitesurfing in a different spot every day, but also at secluded spots only accessible by boat. Your house will be Sailing Vessel Moondance. A very durable expedition ship that uses the force of the wind to take you to the most remote locations. After each great kite session you are welcomed back on the boat to enjoy the best of what boatlife can offer you.

The crew

On board you will be welcomed by the crew consisting of one skipper, one crew member and a kite instructor. Our whole team is very experienced. Together we have over 30.000 nautical miles of sailing experience and have safely managed any thinkable situation at sea. The Moondance is owned by us and therefor we know all her ins and outs.

We have a capacity of 6 guests on board.


You will stay aboard our sailing vessel the Moondance, a custom-built 53ft aluminium Koopmans. Moondance is a real sailing boat, one of the things we like so much about her. The cockpit is big (we even have a real rudder) and there is a lot of space outside when staying on deck. Inside you will find a central lounge, a guest cabin in the front and a crew cabin in the back. Moondance offers berths for a total of 6 guests, 2 crew members and 1 kite instructor. There is sufficient heating, a hot shower, a toilet, equipment storage and much more. In the room option listed below you can find more detailed information about your stay and photos of the interior of the boat so you will have a good impression of what is awaiting you.
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