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From €1790 7 nights
Sailing along the amazing Cycladic islands with a luxurious catamaran is the ultimate cruise experience. Now, imagine combining it with kiteboarding. Can it get any better?
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Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Wind: Perfect

Spot: Flat, Small waves

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Accommodation: Boat

Typical Pickup: Athens, Greece

Suitable for: Family, Non-rider


Ambience: Relaxed

Experience Type: Collective

Up to 8 guests

The Destination

"Enjoy the real Greece as you mingle with the locals in tavérnas and in kafeneía." The unbeatable sailing & kitesurfing route you will experience on the cruise includes the famous kite spots on Paros island, the celebrity island of Antiparos, Naxos with ancient stone gate and Mikri Vigla sandy kite spot, Mykonos island with vivid nightlife in the labyrinth of its white narrow streets and kitesurfing on the neighbouring Rinia island, Syros island with the capital of Cyclades, natural hot springs in Loutra and Kolona beach on Kythnos, temple of Cap Sounion, ... Greece is all about islands and it’s beaches stretching over many kilometers, sheltered bays and coves, sandy beaches with sand-dunes, pebble beaches, coastal caves with steep rocks and dark colored sand typical of volcanic soil and coastal wetlands. Because of its diversity and good wind condition this is the kiteboarding cruise paradise on Earth. Without a doubt, Greece has a lot to offer and, unless you want to be stuck on one island the whole time, sailing yacht is the best way to really explore the Islands. Basically, there are few Island groups which differ a lot from each other. Cyclades, the Dodecanese, the Northeast Aegean Islands, the Argo-Saronic Islands, the Sporades and the Ionian Islands plus the islands of Crete & Evia.

The Experience

“Catching the wind determined our route and every single place we visited on this route was just magical.”

As the specialist in kiteboarding and sailing we make the most out of your vacation. The concept is simple - as all great things in life are. Kite and sail, stand up paddle, perhaps wakeboard and snorkel. Dance and chill in the evenings, sunbathe and relax in the mornings, enjoying local cuisine... All this and more while living on-board a catamaran for one week. The kite cruise is available for individuals, couples or small groups, where you share a boat - or you can cruise with your own group or family. We offer all inclusive packages to provide you with relaxed and hassle free kite trip. Quite possibly, this might be the vacation of your lifetime! "Fusion of kitesurfing & sailing with life on-board a catamaran is the best option of spending your holiday, by far!"

Virgin kite spots are waiting for you to discover them and you can do it anchored or under sails. During your kite session you are escorted by catamaran and safety boat, which gives you all the freedom while maximizing your safety. You can get crazy during strong afternoon winds then relax till dinner and get crazy again in the evening..

With our Kite Cruise, we invite you to explore the Cyclades Islands. Secluded beaches, Mediterranean cuisine and great kite locations will lift your spirits and increase your future holiday expectations. Cyclades Islands provide constant and predictable winds with high probability during summer. Moreover, the Islands lie in some kind of a circular formation (“kiklos” means circle) and are close together – which makes the sailing experience even more fun. Archipelago of 220 Islands out of which just around 40 are inhabited is located in the middle of the Aegean Sea, which makes them easly accessible from Athens. The famous scenery of cube shaped, white-washed houses with blue windows can be found mainly at the Greek islands of this complex.

Every route is different and adjustable till the last second. You can actually see a lot of Greece in a week. if you are up for it or we can take it easy try to enjoy more with smaller distances – it’s up to you!

Sample Itinerary

  • Saturday – Day 1 / Athens Depending on your arrival times we could leave the marina the same day around 5pm, go to a nice location that would interest you or spend the night at the marina.

  • Sunday – Day 2 / Kolona beach / Merichas – Kythnos The beach of Kolona has a particular charm, partly due to its fine, golden sand and the sea lapping at both of its sides. More importantly this is one of the nicest kiteboarding locations in the area. Very close to our kite location there is a small seaside village Merihas which has kept its traditional appearance throughout the years. It is also a place where you get a chance to enjoy a fresh fish meal in the numerous taverns while sitting at a table almost on the water’s edge.

  • Monday – Day 3 / Paros Our next kite location lies between Paros and Antiparos and has a kiteboarding reputation that needs no explaining. Your after session or next day time table will be visiting Paros with a lot of snow-white little houses, small churches and chapels, narrow alleys, peaceful mountain villages and beautiful, clean beaches. Antiparos is another place with a must-see sign all over. What makes Antiparos so special, besides building the wind tunnel with it’s neighbor Paros, is its famous Cave of the Stalactites and the valley of Butterflies.

  • Tuesday – Day 4 / Chora / Mikri Vigla – Naxos Island We are heading towards Naxos and the town of Chora where we could spend the night but first we have to decide what kite session we are in for today. Private session awaits us on the north east side of Paros Island which is on our route to Naxos.

  • Wednesday – Day 5 / Korfos beach / Ftelia beach – Mykonos Easy morning vibe would be possible if we were to move south east to the Islands of Koufonissia. But the cruise is taking us up north towards Mykonos Island and an early start would be a good way to start another great day. The kite locations that interest us most are found on Korfus and Ftelia beach – both near the main town of Mykonos.

  • Thursday - Day 6 / Rineia Island Sightseeing in Mykonos before departure is recommended and is a nice introduction to what awaits us. The place to be and today's plan is to heat-it-off at the Rineia Island, next kiteboarding playground. Megali Agali beach, Syros Island After a few days like this we could definitely use a break and the secluded beach of “the big bosom” situated on the desert island of Gaidaros the right destination. It is a beach on the island with the oldest rotating beacon in the Aegean Sea, constructed in 1834.

  • Friday - Day 7 / Athens base It's Friday and we need to return to the base or at least come close to the base so we can check out on Saturday morning. Being on the Syros Island we do have some sailing to do but days are long during summer and we still have some kite spots ready for you on the way.

  • Saturday - Say 8 / The cruise ends on Saturday 9am.

A typical kite cruise day

  • 8 – 11 - it's time to wake up and check the fridge or dive into crystal clear water. Fresh fruit, bread and coffee is already on board. And the beach is all around you.
  • 9 – 12 - time for a swim and a sunbath if anchored in a bay or coffee time on a picturesque square. Talk about what really happened last night, plan your next trick...
  • 10 – 13 - time to set sails and get our equipment ready for a kite session. On the way a quick stop in a small cove or just jump to the water in the open to cool our heads.
  • 12 – 15 - we usually reach our perfect kitesurf location. It is time for a snack then some action. For non-kiters it's leisure time - you'll love catamaran's ample deck space for sunbathing, the swim around, snorkel, taking pics and videos of your friends. Enjoy a cold beer or an afternoon cocktail.
  • 18 – 20 - we set sails towards our next destination. It is still very warm at these hours - you'll enjoy the sun setting from the upper deck or the trampoline.
  • 20 – 22 - we reach some cute old town and the table for dinner is set. It's time for a relaxed wine and dine while enjoying the nice atmosphere.
  • 22 – 08 - it's time for drinks and the 'nightshift'. It's party time.

(Daily routine is for guidance only and is suited to guests' preferences. All activities will be planned in agreement with the guests.)

Why us, plain and simple

  • location: We can reach the best and otherwise unreachable kite spots where you can enjoy private kite sessions with your friends - without leaving the comfort of the catamaran. Whether you're looking for a quiet evening or anything but quiet - we know exactly where to go.
  • know-how: We know how to launch and grab safely from a yacht while anchored or while moving. Additional staff member is present on every step of the way - from kite launch until you are onboard and equipment is secured.
  • weather: We understand the weather in relation to terrain diversity which is fundamental to provide good kite conditions and safety.
  • local people: We know the people which means you will have the best treat there is and - most importantly - no matter what happens, from kite repairs to health issues, we will fix it.
  • service: We offer you full service throughout the kite cruise. Once you reach the marina you can enjoy the ride and we'll take care of a stress free kite and sail holiday.


“Fusion of kitesurfing & sailing with life aboard a five star all inclusive hotel on water.” Lagoon catamarans, from 40ft (12m) to 50ft (15m) are perfect for kite trips. Spacious enough to store all the kite and surf equipment without interfering in the living space. Because of two hulls they are more stable and with smaller draft we can reach shallow waters. These five star catamarans have 4 spacious and luminous double en suite guest cabins with bathrooms and 2 small single crew cabins. The main saloon has a navigational corner and living room space connected to fully equipped kitchen. Top, Front and Back decks give extra space for sunbathing and socialising. The living space is super comfortable – no wonder catamarans are referred to as “houses on water”.

shared double cabin

with private bathroom. Indicated price is for double occupancy.

Walking distance to spot

single usage of double cabin

There is a surcharge for single cabin use, around 70%

private charter

from 11,400€ for up to 6 guests, +990€ for each additional guest

private charter boat & skipper only

Private charter without board service, food, fuel, taxes, etc. Price on request, e.g. 8 days / 7 nights from 5,900€ for up to 10 guests



Included services
Food: Full board
- fuel, port fees, insurance, taxes, end cleaning, towels & bed linen,…
- Skipper services with local kite-charter knowledge and guidance
- Kite assistance /rescue service
- Chef / full board food, fruits and snacks, alcoholic drinks, soft drinks
- WiFi – Internet
- SUP – Stand Up Paddle board set
Optional services
Gear Rental
- kite equipment rental
Lessons & Coaching
- kitesurf lessons
- additional days
Extra expenses
- dinners out


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14 Sep. 2015

From the day on when I put the first step on to the catamaran I felt like I was in paradise, perfect secret empty spots, perfect wind conditions, very nice company, perfect service you wouldn\'t expect on a sailing boat...thx for that on the crew and the organizer! An epic kite experience you shouldn´t miss.

16 Sep. 2015

Right from the start, this voyage on the luxury 40 ft Catamaran Giorgis II was a fantastic adventure. We started off in Paros, Meltemi had just started in time so we had our first session in 20 kn plus. The crew consisting of three other like-minded kite-aficionados plus of course the wonderful cook Mister 'Z' and the Captain Tomaz turned out to be the perfect line-up for the amazing week we had. The days were an uninterrupted sequel of highlights on every level: - food was sumptuous - the kite sessions we had were more than exciting also due to the strong Meltemi - the good sleep and relaxation we had in the comfy beds of the spacious cabins - the feeling of safety we had knowing you'd be fully monitored getting out on the water so that boat launching lost its initially slightly unpredictable character - the downwinders we had being accompanied by the cat and allowing us to further experiment our moves and jibes. Thank you so much, Tomaz and Zdravko, for all your never-ending efforts to make this trip as outstanding as it turned out to be!

07 Aug. 2017

The Meltimi winds blew 25-35knts the entire time, which makes for an incredible week of kiteboarding regardless of anything else. As for the kitecruise, it was an overall great experience. Our captain, Chandre, and our chef, Polona, were wonderful, and the 44ft Lagoon catamaran had plenty of room for the eight of us onboard. Looking forward to another cruise in the near future.


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