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Have we got an adventure for you! Imagine one of the last uncharted, untouched marine wilderness areas on earth. No commercial fishing, no dive operators, no surf operators or tourism, no resorts and no villages within a hundred miles. Experience pristine ocean water and steady winds a true paradise
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Is it windy? That is kind of a silly questions don’t you think? Haha We are very very close to the northern tip of Australia and get the same weather, anyone can tell you that far north in winter it pumps most days and generally on the strong side. This area about as tropical as you can get, the waters are super warm and teaming with fish, reefs are lit up with coral and the lagoon are white with sand. There are no charts out here but under the guidance of the experienced Captain of the MV PNG Explorer with his crew of highly trained staff you are in good hands. Predominantly flat water & we could not promise epic waves like we can flat water, but if you are into both the I would be bringing my surfboard.

Trip characteristics
Typical Pickup: Louisiades, Papua New Guinea
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Suitable for: Solo traveler, Group, Family, Couple, Non-rider
Ambience: Wilderness
Experience Type: Collective
Food: Full board
Available Options: Vegetarian, Vegan, Special diets

The Destination

Miles and miles of magic sand bars and shallow lagoons, drop off’s and bommies alive with fish and turtles inside atolls and the most beautiful healthy reef systems you will ever see. Whale sharks, Manta Rays and school fish cascading over deep walls like waterfalls and corals all the colours of the rainbow. Yep, it is that good.

The Experience

Imagine pulling up to an atoll or reef system in the middle of the ocean you chose from a Google Earth image only to find it covered with sand quays offering up butter flat water. Or kiting inside a lagoon with turtles and rays cruising below over beautiful white sand followed by as much fresh sashimi of Yellow Fin Tuna you can eat that'd been caught earlier that day. Top the day off with a bonfire on an empty island in one of the most remote places on earth. Take a dive in-between kiting, fishing and eating magnificent food prepped by the boats 2 chefs and you'll be in water that old time divers dream off. PNG is famous for it's diving and it's obvious why when you take the plunge. Don't have a dive ticket? No worries Craig will run through the Padi course on the trip. Truly amazing.

We've chartered the PNG Explorer MV to explore the outer reaches of the Louisiades archipelago off the southeast corner of Papua New Guinea. It's remote, unchartered and completely off the grid. The kiting possibilities are endless with hundreds of miles of reef dotted with islands.

The Cruise Package What we do

  • KITE or WINDSURF - Explore remote untouched atolls, sand bars reefs and islands far off the grid.
  • DIVE – This is one of the best scuba diving locations in the world. Why not make the most of it? The reef system up here was originally part of the Great Barrier Reef but has been less affected by human contact.
  • FISH – Even if you’re not a dedicated fisherman like me, the fishing in this place blows you away. Continually hooking large pelagic fish like Spanish mackerel, Tuna and Sailfish as well inhabitant beasts like Giant Trevally and big Barracuda. We fish on a catch and release program unless it is something we are going to eat that night.
Our Mission

It is our goal to take people to places they might not necessarily think of going to. The great thing about these sorts of places is that for the most part they are untouched and see few visitors while the people in these areas are the real representatives of a nation and out here in the remote southeast archipelago in PNG the few people you do see are some of the warmest and most welcoming.

Tour Hosts

Moon Tours - Steph &Trent Moon

PNG Surfaris

Sunshine Coast Boardsports

Getting There

You can meet your crew in Brisbane and travel together from here.

Alternatively flying via Australia, you can depart from Brisbane or Cairns to Port Moresby and connect to Alotau. We are happy to assist you with flights.

Please check with us if an over night is required for connecting flight to Alotau.

Here you'll be greeted by Trent and his smooth operating crew before a short drive to the dock where you board the PNG Explorer.


PNG EXPLORER Since 2007 PNG Surfaris has operated Papua New Guinea’s only surf charter vessel dedicated to exploring the country’s outer islands and reefs. The PNG Explorer is a live-aboard ship designed for surfing, fishing, diving, and general tourism in PNG. Its home port is Kavieng in the north eastern archipelago of New Ireland Province. Originally built to survey and withstand the southern seas, this 23-metre steel ship has been refitted as a comfortable and spacious live-aboard for up to 10 guests. It is powered by a 504 horsepower engine and equipped with 2 generators, a dive compressor, and 2 fast boats. Inside the main super structure are six ample cabins set up as four twin berths and two single doubles. Keeping cool in the equatorial climate is managed thorough a combined ventilation and air conditioning system. The living area hosts a large flat screen TV/DVD, sound system, a small library and sofas. A modern galley is fitted with commercial-grade appliances capable of pumping out three fantastic meals a day plus snacks. On the lower back deck are two hot water showers and three toilets. The lower ‘surf’ deck is purpose-built with the tropical surfer in mind, with padded alloy racks for 30 boards. Accessing the mighty Explorer from the water is made easy by an aluminium dive ladder attached to a large duckboard at water level. Though for fast and safe transfers to the breaks we run two tenders, each kitted out with seating, awnings, board racks, access ladders and fishing rod holders. Finally, the expansive and shady upper deck is hands down the perfect spot for lounging on day beds while admiring PNG’s stunning scenery. It’s also the main dining area onboard, featuring a well-stocked, icy cold beer fridge, a large barbeque and an outdoor sound system.
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