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Welcome to our magnificent “Kite n Cruise” safari trip along the coast of the gorgeous Omani country while sailing through crystal blue waters. The starting point is at Duqm, hopping from one unspoiled spot to the next where we can guarantee it will only be us kitesurfing at these secret spots.
Kitesurf conditions
Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Wind: Moderate, Strong
Spot: Shallow, Flat, Small waves, Big waves
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Lessons or coaching
Spot guidance
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The spots include; Shrimpies, Sugar dunes, Bar Al Hikman, And Salties. During our trip we will get to experience lots of sea life such as dolphins, whales, and gigantic sea turtles. The wind is never ending from the moment you wake up until you go to sleep, blowing from 20-35 knots. The spots provide both waves for beginner to experienced wave riders and big air addicts as well as flat water spots for learning very quick and freestyle demons. The months for the Kite n Cruise trip is from June until mid September (the windy season) Kitesurfing conditions Beginner, intermediate, experienced, wave riders, big air Spots: lagoons (flat and shallow water) Ocean (deep and perfect waves for riding or kickers) the route is planned depending on where the wind is blowing, for the best experience possible Gear rental Lessons or coaching (advanced riding and wave riding) Spot guidance We will sail to each spot that is blowing nicely and explain every spot in thorough detail and enjoy every stunning spot to the maximum.

Trip characteristics
Typical Pickup: Duqm, Oman
Suitable for: Solo traveler, Group, Family, Couple, Non-rider
Ambience: Wilderness, Relaxed
Experience Type: Collective
Food: Breakfast
Available Options: Vegetarian, Vegan, Special diets

The Destination

Oman is an amazing country with fun and easy going people to be around, the locals are extremely friendly and will offer to help with anything. Life is enjoyable and relaxing here, since there are so many spots to kite surf in Oman, it means many of the spots are empty and Watersport Oman will take you to all of the empty areas for an incredible experience where you can be at one with nature and the wind. People may expect Oman to be hot during summer, but it’s the same temperature as Europe, at night I would highly suggest having something warm. During the day it’s a beautiful 20-25 degrees.

The Experience

Oman will provide an incredible Kite n Cruise safari with amazing wind and professional instructors who only focus on your progression and your happiness. This trip is only during the summer season from June until September with the temperature ranging from 25-30 degrees but I would suggest bringing something warm at night. Not only is there unbelievable kitesurfing and absolute drop dead gorgeous spots as well as stunning sailing but also all you can eat seafood ranging from lobsters to crabs to sashimi and many more meals not only including seafood. Getting to explore all the beautiful white beaches with turquoise waters, not many places in the world that you can get a perfect long beach with excellent wind all to yourself and no dangers. This trip will have stunning snorkeling as well while gliding beside turtles and getting to enjoy the coast of Oman.

Getting There

Oman is easily accessible from Central Europe, with flights taking an average of 5-6 hours direct to Muscat and from Muscat another 1-2h to Duqm by plane. So try to book your ticket direct to Duqm via Muscat. From Duqm Airport you can take a Taxi for around 20 USD to the pickup location.


During your kitesurfing experience you will sleep on a luxury catamaran with space for six like-minded kitesurfers. We will provide a floating restaurant for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.


Double Cabin
  • All Standard included services
From $1900 / 7 nights
Cruise + rental
Double Cabin
  • All Standard included services
  • Kite + board (1 week)
From $2430 / 7 nights
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From $1900 / 7 nights From $1900 / 7 nights

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